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Can you fig­ure out what hap­pened?

Kelly ini­tially blamed James for wreck­ing She knew the fort. he wanted to prove that to he didn’t need it keep him safe dur­ing a snow­ball fight. But ex­plained that James he couldn’t have done al­lowed it: He wasn’t to leave his house dur­ing and the bliz­zard, when he ar­rived ei­ther, to Kelly’s house the the fort had next day, al­ready been knocked to the ground. Kelly then turned to her dad. He made it that he dis­liked clear the mas­sive fort. But Kelly’s even though dad wasn’t thrilled about the fort in the front yard, he would never de­stroy it! So who did? Af­ter tak­ing a mo­ment to think, Kelly and her fig­ured out the fort dad col­lapsed due to all they got the snow dur­ing the bliz­zard. Re­mem­ber: Kelly didn’t even look out the win­dow dur­ing the storm, so wouldn’t have she no­ticed the fort giv­ing snow’s in un­der the weight. The fort may have been big, but it was no match for a bliz­zard! Once they re­al­ized what had hap­pened, Kelly de­cided to spend build­ing a new the day fort ... but in the back­yard this time!

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