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"Di­nosaurs could fly." Ptero­dactyls, like you see above, are most com­monly known as fly­ing di­nosaurs. But ac­tu­ally, there was no such thing as fly­ing di­nosaurs. Ptero­dactyls are ac­tu­ally fly­ing rep­tiles, since di­nosaurs lived strictly on land.

"All di­nosaurs had scaly skin."

You've prob­a­bly never seen a di­nosaur with feath­ers on it's body. But, sci­en­tists found a lot of di­nosaurs, like the Das­ple­tosaurus, had them in­stead of tough outer skin.

"The T-rex was fast, and it lived in the Juras­sic pe­riod."

The Tyran­nosaurus Rex ac­tu­ally lived dur­ing the Cre­ta­ceous pe­riod, and while the T-rex could run, it could only run between 10-25 mph.

"Bron­tosauruses aren't real."

Over the years, it's been said that this type of di­nosaur never roamed the Earth. But ac­cord­ing to re­cent re­search, there are ac­tu­ally three iden­ti­fi­able species: Bron­tosaurus ex­cel­sus, the first dis­cov­ered, B. parvus and B. yah­nah­pin.

"All di­nosaurs lived in warm cli­mates."

These crea­tures did in­habit jun­gles and very warm cli­mates, but that's not the only place they lived. They could be found in deserts, forests, plains and snowy en­vi­ron­ments.

"Ve­loci­rap­tors were huge."

You may have seen Ve­loci­rap­tors in films where they ap­pear as gi­ant crea­tures, but these di­nosaurs were ac­tu­ally about 6½ feet long and could only run up to speeds of about 24 mph.

"The T-rex was the big­gest di­nosaur of all."

The T-rex was 40 feet long and about 15-20 feet tall, but one di­nosaur was big­ger: the Patago­tian. It lived about 100 mil­lion years ago and av­er­aged 122 feet long and 20 feet tall!

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