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Hi, Molly! So tell us: How did you join the Skin­ner fam­ily?

My fam­ily had a friend who owned an an­i­mal re­suce. She told them how won­der­ful I was and that I needed a home. When they met me, we fell in love and they took me home. That was a great day!

Aw, how sweet! How did Emily pick your name?

My name was orig­i­nally Molly, but Emily gave me a mid­dle name, Jane. When some­one is in trou­ble, they get called out us­ing all three names, so she felt I needed one. LOL!

Do you have any cute nick­names?

Emily and the rest of my fam­ily like to call me “Baby” and “Molly Girl.”

Would you say you’re a lot like Emily?

We both like mak­ing peo­ple happy! But Emily is very mel­low, while I’m al­ways on alert. If I hear a new noise, I jump up, bark and run to see what it is.

How do you make Emily laugh?

Well, I get jeal­ous if Emily is spend­ing too much time on the com­puter do­ing school­work, so I’ll climb onto her key­board and lie there un­til she pets me. She laughs, but it al­ways works!

When Emily’s not busy with school­work, what do you guys do to­gether?

I love run­ning around in the for­est near our house. Emily has to keep an eye on me, though, be­cause there are coy­otes, bob­cats and even an oc­ca­sional moun­tain lion in the area!

Does Emily ever get mad at you?

Yes — I know it’s hard to be­lieve! She al­ways goes down­stairs to get wa­ter at night and then gets mad when I try to take some, too. Why can’t we just share?

We bet you miss Emily when she’s film­ing Andi Mack. Have you vis­ited set?

Emily flies to Utah to film, so I don’t get to go. It sounds fun though, and her costars sound great! Emily tells me it’s cold in the win­ter, so Pey­ton gave her a red coat with Am­ber, her char­ac­ter’s name, stitched on it!

So sweet! Do you think you could be fa­mous like Emily one day?

since I’m not sure I’d be a good ac­tor, But, I’m not good at tak­ing di­rec­tion. be­ing a maybe I could be fa­mous for great ther­apy dog!

What do you think makes Emily a great pet owner?

She loves me with all her heart! She cares for and spoils me, takes me on car rides and gives me bites of her meat when she’s eat­ing, which is my fa­vorite!

“This is what hap­pi­ness looks like!” Emily says.

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