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your cookbook Cookies! Step 3 up dough until it forms a rolled log. Sprinkle sparkling sugar all over a new piece of roll parchment paper and dough in it until all outsides ½-inch are covered. Next, cut thick slices of dough. Press one side of dough into sparkling sugar, then on parchment. Repeat for remaining 7-10 dough. Bake cookies Cool minutes or until set. cookies slightly, then transfer to wire rack to cool completely. 4. INGREDIENT­S: ensure dough doesn’t become overly sticky. Place two pieces of a work parchment paper on surface; set one aside. of Lightly flour one piece place parchment paper and out to a red dough on it. Roll Once 8x3x¼-inch thickness. piece rolled, transfer to other Repeat of parchment paper. pieces, with remaining dough of each stacking each on top other in rainbow order and (orange, yellow, green blue). Cut the edges of the dough to form a rectangle. roll Starting on the long side, 1 (16.5-ounce) roll Pillsbury refrigerat­ed sugar cookies 1 box classic gel food colors 1 cup all-purpose flour or ½ cup sparkling sugar turbinado sugar • 2. • • • Step 4 DIRECTIONS: place Preheat oven to 350°F. five equal Divide dough into parts, then using a small color, tint amount of gel food red, each dough to make orange (mix red and yellow), Add yellow, green and blue. to two tablespoon­s of flour to each dough while mixing 1. 5. 3.

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