Girls' World : 2019-03-01

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try-out trouble Girls’ World, Dear join a My friends all want to I’m not sports team at school. so I as athletic as they are, team know I won’t make the I now that there are tryouts. Benched feel so left behind. — are probably more We understand sports in middle school, competitiv­e now that you’re won’t make the team but how do you know you to tryouts with your if you don’t even try? Go shot. If you don’t buds and give it your best all of the activities make the team, explore and consider joining a your new school offers You can always meet up different team or club! and club meetings with your friends after practice close! to catch up and stay bully bummer Dear My friend always picks on this girl in our class. She’s never mean to me, but am I a bully if I’m friends with a bully? — Possible mean girl Girls’ World, report card regrets Dear My report card wasn’t great. My parents are supposed to sign it, but I really don’t want to show them. Help! — Should’ve studied Girls’ World, Even if you aren’t the one doing the namecallin­g, silently standing by your friend as she picks on someone else sends the message that you agree with what she’s saying. We recommend talking to your friend first. Pull her aside and tell her that her actions really bother you. If she shrugs off your words and continues to bully your classmate, it’s time to tell a teacher in private. You can even ask your teacher to leave your name out of it. Try to distance yourself from your friend and focus on finding a group of pals who like to make others feel happy and accepted, not bullied and alone. We know you’re nervous to show your grades to your parents, but it’s best to do it right away. Approach them when they’re not busy, stressed or in bad moods. Explain to your parents that you found a few of your classes really challengin­g, but don’t make excuses — own up to your poor grades and promise to study harder next grading period. We can’t promise you won’t get in trouble, but your parents will like hearing you’re committed to improving your grades in the future. We bet they can even help you out with that! Send us your question! On Knight Squad, Buttercup often stands by as Sage pursues her evil goals.

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