Girls' World : 2019-03-01

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4 Although Sky loves being a kid, she says it’s fun imagining what her life is going to be like when she’s older. Check out some of the things she hopes happen in the future! 5 6 HER HOUSE: HER HOMETOWN: a pink one,” “I’d love to have Sky smiles. “That’s my dream.” “It’d be nice to live in N.Y.C. and have a place there,” Sky says. “Maybe I could live there and in LA!” 7 8 HER HOLLYWOOD AMBITION: “I’ll still be acting and singing, and I’d love to have a star on the Walk Fame one of day,” Sky tells “That’d us. be really cool.” HER CAREER: love to Sky tells us she’d step behind the camera. she “I’d love to direct,” it’d be opens up. “I think or a fun to direct a show music video.” 9 10 HER PETS: HER her Sky says she doubts will loves for animals so many change. “I’ll have animals,” she sh “In 15 in lov

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