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your storytime name, but she thought admitting that might “Oh sweetie, before we signed you up for make her sound rude. “Wait, what’s freestyle this class, you were always dancing to music class?” in your room. I just don’t get it. You loved to “Miss Patty does it every Wednesday after get your groove on!” ballet. It’s not really a class so much. People “Mom, no one talks liked that anymore,” request songs and everyone just bops around Jade grumbled. to the beat. It gets pretty silly and sometimes, “I’m sure it isn’t as bad as you think,” Jade’s Miss Patty takes some time to teach us funky mom continued. “You’re always so hard on dance moves!” yourself. If you want, I can call Miss Patty and That actually sounds fun, Jade thought. ask her about working with you after class.” Jade almost made it all the way around before she felt herself begin to fall and had to grab the barre for balance. “Miss Patty might even help you with your “No” Jade straighten­ed up in the backseat. pirouettes afterward,” Ashley continued. “Mom, no! That’d be so embarrassi­ng. I can “She’s been helping ...” handle it. I’ll just practice at home before Jade stopped listening, upset that Ashley next week’s class.” noticed she needed extra help. “Sorry, I can’t And she really meant to — but between tonight,” she said with a tight smile and a homework and weekend plans, she never bright red face. She ran out of the dance studio got around to it. Before she knew it, she was before Ashley could get in another word. sitting in another ballet class feeling unprepared. “How’d it go today?” her mom asked as she And she was beginning to think Miss got into the car. Patty had noticed. “I don’t want to talk about it,” Jade muttered. “What happened to your smile, Jade?” the teacher questioned as Jade practiced doing 60

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