Girls' World : 2019-03-01

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Jade’s hand and brought her down the hall. didn’t care what anyone thought of her The duo walked into another classroom. moves. And as Jade looked around, it seemed Jade saw kids of all ages dancing around like no one else did either — even Miss Patty, the room — no two doing the exact same who winked at her while she did the chicken move. And if she wasn’t mistaken, there was dance in the corner. yodeling coming from speakers. Jade laughed as she joined Ashley at the “What is this?!” she asked Ashley. front of the class and began to dance like she “This is Freestyle Fun ... where anything used to in her bedroom ... like no one was goes!” Ashley laughed. “Isn’t it the best? It watching! really helped me remember why I wanted to “You sure you don’t want to go back to start dance classes in the first place — because practicing pirouettes on your own?” Ashley I love to dance, even when I’m not best asked in a teasing voice. at it.” Jade looked at her new friend and grinned. Ashley went right to the center of the “Nah, Miss Patty can help me next week during room and started flossing. It was clear she class. I’m ready to get my groove on!” 63

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