Girls' World : 2019-03-01

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Reader thoughts: he science behind why you love it: “I like surprise toys feels because opening them I never like an adventure. know what I’m gonna get!” “I had to save my allowance for a month for a jumbo pack of Mystery Putty — so worth it!” “I don’t get upset whenever I get a repeat toy. I just make a trade with my friends!” “Hatchimals are probably my favorite surprise toys, but Pikmi Pops are a close second!” “My sister and I like to toys together buy blind because bag chances of it doubles getting what our we want!” — instead of candy, you’ll has This 5 Surprise ball not one but different Unwrap, mystery toys inside! peel and reveal what’s capsules. within its five mini bag toy It’s the perfect blind Talk about an awesome accessory! Open this glittery purse for a collection of L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, pets, mystery hairstyles, face masks, stickers and more! five mini-plush inside each Pikmi Pop! L.O.L. Surprise! Surprise Bigger $80, Box, Pikmi Pop Surprise, $5, walmart. com Surprise Mystery 5 Pink Capsule $5, Collectibl­e,

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