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If so, then you’re prac­tic­ing as­trol­ogy. As­trol­ogy is the study of how the move­ments of the plan­ets and stars in­flu­ence a per­son’s per­son­al­ity or things that may hap­pen to them in the fu­ture. To read your horoscope, you need to know your sign. In as­trol­ogy, the sky is di­vided into 12 sec­tions, each named af­ter the con­stel­la­tion that orig­i­nally fell within its zone. Each sign has its own per­son­al­ity traits. If you know your sign, you can learn more about you! Us­ing your birth date, see which sign you are be­low. Then, check out what the stars have to say about your life in the months ahead!

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