Birth­stone Break­down!

See what hid­den power your jewel has!

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JAN­UARY: GAR­NET This beau­ti­ful jewel isn’t just pretty, it’s been said that it keeps who­ever wears it safe.

FE­BRU­ARY: AMETHYST It’s no won­der you’re a to­tal smar­tie. Your pur­ple birth­stone rep­re­sents in­tel­li­gence.

MARCH: AQUA­MA­RINE Your birth­stone pro­motes trust and har­mony. Talk about a pow­er­ful combo!

APRIL: DI­A­MOND You wear your heart on your sleeve, which makes sense con­sid­er­ing your birth­stone sym­bol­izes love.

MAY: EMER­ALD Luck fol­lows you wher­ever you go if emer­ald is your birth­stone! Bad days hardly come your way.

JUNE: ALEXANDRIT­E There’s no­body out there quite like you. You have that in com­mon with this rare gem­stone.

JULY: RUBY Ru­bies have the power of bal­ance and en­ergy, which ex­plains why you’re al­ways such a busy bee.

AU­GUST: PERI­DOT Did you know that An­cient Egyp­tians re­ferred to the peri­dot as the gem of the sun? Clearly, you were des­tined to shine bright!

SEPTEM­BER: SAP­PHIRE Ex­perts say this jewel is the be­stower of truth, which is per­fect for an hon­est girl like you.

OC­TO­BER: TOUR­MA­LINE This pretty sparkler is all about bring­ing calm­ness to your life and get­ting rid of neg­a­tive en­ergy. It gives you that zen at­ti­tude.

NOVEM­BER: CIT­RINE Bye-bye, fears! This gem is be­lieved to have the abil­ity to help you over­come things that scare you.

DE­CEM­BER: BLUE TOPAZ Topaz helps your cre­ative en­er­gies flow, which is great for an art-lov­ing girl like you.

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