Girls' World : 2019-10-01

Your Drawing Lesson : 10 : 8

Your Drawing Lesson

your drawing lesson AIR HOCKEY CLAW MACHINE Draw a rectangle for the tabletop; add a thin rectangle underneath. On each side of the table, draw a vertical rectangula­r leg. 1. 2. Draw a rectangle. Add a line across its top and middle. Draw a horseshoe shape with a dark line attached for the claw. 1. 2. Add an outline inside the table shape, then add three lines. 3. YOUR DRAWI NG HERE HERE ING DRAW YOUR 4. Add two strikers by sketching “U” shapes on top of circles. Add a circular puck, and color! 3. Add three oval buttons — sketch a line connected to a circle on top of the last one. Draw a square prize slot. 4. Lastly, draw several circles inside the machine. Color it in!

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