Girls' World : 2019-10-01

Your Drawing Lesson : 11 : 9

Your Drawing Lesson

TICKETS SPIN THE WHEEL Create a wavy rectangle shape. On the right side, add a smaller curved rectangle. 1. 2. Draw a circle. Add two slanted lines that connect it to a rectangle. Outline the circle and add a smaller circle in the center. Draw a small triangle on top. 1. 2. 3. 4. YOUR DRAWING HERE NG HERE DRAWI YOUR PINBALL YOUR DRAWING HERE Draw a long rectangle for the tabletop, then add a rectangle underneath. Add a square on top and two thin rectangula­r legs that slant toward each other. 1. 2. Make ticket stub shapes by drawing two vertical dotted lines. Draw two stars and two lines on each ticket’s top. Now color! 3. Draw a trapezoid shape inside the tabletop. Add an outline inside the square. 3. Sketch eight lines onto the wheel, as seen. Add a “J” shape for the lever with a circle on top. 4. Add a horizontal rectangle for the score- teardrop shapes on the pinball table. Color! 4. Outline the wheel and rectangle with circles. Time to color!

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