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Your Cookbook : 12 : 10

Your Cookbook

your cookbook 10 Emoji Cakes balls! these adorable cake Express yourself with INGREDIENT­S: or recipe • favorite pound cake mix white • 1 (4.5-pound) tub creamy decorator icing • golden yellow icing color • Wilton Decorator Preferred white and red fondants TOOLS: black, ball pan • Rosanna Pansino by Wilton • cooling grid • 8-inch cake circles • 9-inch angled spatula • 9-inch fondant roller set • heart double cut-outs (“C” cut-out used) set • round double cut-outs • craft knife • round decorating tip 1A • ruler DIRECTIONS: 1. Prepare your cake batter following recipe instructio­ns. in ball pan Bake and cool cakes as directed on packaging. icing 2. Tint the white decorator a spatula, golden yellow. Using icing. ice cakes with yellow 3. Using the fondant roller roll out with pink guide rings, fondant, black, yellow and red separately. For the heart eyes cake, CAREFUL: These recipes should be made with an adult. shape from black fondant; attach to the cake. use 5. For the winky face cake, Cut one the “C” round cut-out. circle. Roll black and one white larger out a black circle slightly white than white; attach the Using circle to the black circle. cut a the large end of tip 1A, to the small black circle. Attach With a middle of white circle. winking craft knife, cut out the Attach eye and mouth shapes. and mouth the eye, winking eye to the cake. For the tongue, red combine small amounts to and white fondant together fondant make pink. Using the rings, roll roller with pink guide out tongue out pink fondant. Cut shape; attach to cake. use 6. For the smirk face cake, out black the craft knife to cut and fondant eyebrows, eyes mouth; attach to cake. cake, 7. For the grinning face cut out use the craft knife to for eyes two crescent shapes Using a and long oval mouth. cut several ruler and craft knife, white ½x½-inch squares of teeth fondant for teeth. Attach needed. to mouth, trimming if to cake. Attach eyes and mouth 8. For the smiling face cake, out two use a craft knife to cut mouth. black oval eyes and a fondant Cut a long strip of white for teeth. Attach to mouth, Attach trimming as necessary. eyes and mouth to cake.

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