Girls' World : 2019-10-01

Your Quiz : 18 : 16

Your Quiz

your quiz LONDON MOSTLY PINK VERONICA MOSTLY BLUE SYDNEY MOSTLY PURPLE STELLA MOSTLY ORANGE MO MOSTLY GREEN DRAMA DRAMA IS AN AWESO MUSIC ME AL ABOUT MOVIE GIRL POW-ER . IT’S COMIN G SOON! 16 Similar to London, you’re a social butterfly who loves staying busy and dancing like nobody is watching. Sassy, edgy and confident? That’s you! Just like Veronica, you walk to the beat of your own drum. You can be a tough cookie at first, but once someone gets to know you, you let your guard down. You have a pretty chill vibe, but one thing is superimpor­tant to you: making a difference. Like Mo, you’re not afraid to speak — or sing — your mind. You fight for what you want!

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