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Know? WHAT DO YOU JOIN SPIRIT RIDING FREE FOR AN Do you love adventure and horses? If you said yes, you SUMMER! must be a fan of Spirit Riding Free on Netflix, right? Take this quiz to find out how well you know Lucky and her In honor of the two-year anniversar­y of the launch of Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free, Dreamworks Animation is kicking off a summer-long campaign in May to celebrate PALS. Circle the right answer. Good luck! If you haven’t seen seasons 1-8, you can catch up and give this quiz your best shot! eight great seasons on Netflix. SEASON 2 SEASON 1 Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the whole series, re-watch your favorite episodes, and catch up before the next season The series begins with Lucky and her dad moving where? What does Lucky do to prove that women are just as capable as men? A. New York City B. The beach C. A small town called Miradero D. Arizona A. Becomes a blacksmith B. Wins a men-only horse race C. Leads a cattle drive D. Becomes a banker launches on Netflix this fall. SEASON 4 SEASON 5 SEASON 3 What does Aunt Cora save Lucky and Spirit from? What does Lucky perform in that brings her closer to her mother? Who do the PALS plan to prank on Halloween? A. A fire B. A flood A. A musical B. A play C. The circus D. Interpreti­ve dance A. Snips B. Turo C. Maricela D. Aunt Cora C. A robbery D. A mountain lion SEASON 8 SEASON 6 SEASON 7 Just before her wedding day, what does Miss Flores give to Lucky? What prank do the PALS pull on Maricela on April Fool’s day? What is the fancy riding technique that Pru competes in for the first time? A. A hug B. Her mother’s necklace C. Earrings D. An apple for Spirit A. A pie-in-the-face B. A stinkbomb C. Booby traps in the barn D. A blackberry bubble bath A. Trick riding B. Dressage C. Saddle seat D. Rodeo A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES SPIRIT ON DVD! You can own Seasons 1-4 of Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free on 'V' or 'igital! Catch up with Lucky and her PALS in the first four seasons as they explore a world filled with endless rides and never-ending fun! Together they’ll push their own limits and discover what it truly means to be free.visit for more informatio­n! spiritridi­ NOW STREAMING

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