Girls' World : 2019-10-01

Your Problems Solved : 22 : 20

Your Problems Solved

your problems solved Amazing Never fear! here to is help solve your trickies t problem s. Girls’ World 20 Dear Girls’ World, one good I only really have that mean friend. Does how many I’m not cool? And need? friends do I really — A crew of two you that doesn’t make First of all, no, it comes to friendship­s, “uncool.” When value quality over we think you should more means it’s much quantity, which a friend you really important to have you’re group of friends trust than a big Don’t opening up to. uncomforta­ble friends to make more feel like you need to do. the “cool” thing because that’s social to expand your But if you want with a striking up a convo circle, start by speaking always enjoyed classmate you’ve super-well. to but don’t know Dear Girls’world, My dad wants me to join a school club this year, the but all ones my friends are join-ing sound boring. Should I join one of them anyway? — Scared to fly solo It’s understand­able that you’re nervous to be in a club without your friends, but we think that’s your best move here. You’re going to have more fun and get more your club out of experience if you pick one based on your own interests. It’s likely you’ll know at least a few other members, but even if you don’t, having a shared interest it easier will make for you to bond with new people. club concern friend fret

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