Girls' World : 2019-10-01

Your Obsession : 74 : 72

Your Obsession

“Cakescente­d bath bombs smell the best! ” your obsession “My fave bath bombs always have a hidden surprise inside!” “I DIY like to bath my own bombs!” “I love glittery bath bombs … even though it’s tough to clean the tub afterward!” Bath bombs to buy: A Thousand Wishes Bath Fizzy, $10, bathandbod­y Unicorn Bath Bomb, $7, claires. com Tips for perfect pics: Soapie Shoppe Galaxy Bath Bomb, $7, SET CAMERA TO “SPORT” MODE! The “Sport” mode capturing is better for movement without blurring. The flash will make the colors pop! Avoid glare by angling your camera. Make sure the lights are on and shower curtain the is open. Bring an lamp into the extra bathroom if needed! Bug Bomb, $8, dabomb TURN ON THE FLASH! Just Shine Tropicool Berry Color Change Bath Bomb, $8, shopjustic­e. com BRIGHTEN UP YOUR BATHROOM!

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