Girls' World : 2019-10-01

Your Obsession : 77 : 75

Your Obsession

WHAT’S YOUR GO-TO HAIRSTYLE? DONUTS OR BAGELS? WHAT’S BET TER: Ponytail 58% Down 28% Bagels s Donut Braid 11% 89% 7% Bun 7% WOULD YOU RATHER JOIN AN AFTER-SCHOOL CLUB OR A SPORTS TEAM? DO YOU HAVE A NICKNAME? YES NO Sports team Afterschoo­l club 72% 28% 61% 39% for an upcoming issue! Answer these questions _____________ ______________ TH” OR “DARE”? DO YOU USUALLY PICK “TRU _____________ ______________ ALLOWANCE ON? WHAT DO YOU SPEND YOUR _____ IN THE SAME CLASSROOM? THROUGHOUT THE DAY OR STAY DO YOU CHANGE CLASSROOMS _______ ______________ POTATO CHIPS OR SALAD? WHAT’S THE BEST SIDE: FRIES, _ ______________ ______________ OR ELSA? WOULD YOU RATHER BE ANNA ___ ______________ T THING TO BRING TO A SLEEPOVER? WHAT’S THE MOST IMPORTAN __ ______________ ______________ T IARAS? WHAT’S BET TER: CAT EARS OR ____________ ______________ EVERY WORD TO? WHAT’S A SONG YOU KNOW ______________ COVER? WANT TO SEE ON OUR NEXT MOST WHICH CELEBRI TY DO YOU Floor York Plaza, 2nd You Said It!, 4 New com. swers to mail@girlsworld­mag. Girls’ World, TO: CUT OUT AND MAIL AGE?_____ 75

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