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Critter Q&a

CAN ANIMALS READ? — Liz, 9, FL CAN CATS GET CAVI T IES? — Hailey, 10, TX HOW DOES MY DOG ALWAYS KNOW WHEN I’M SAD? — Veronica, 10, SC WHY DO CAMELS HAVE HUMPS? — Miley, 11, ND ANIMAL QUESTIONS! SEND US YOUR follow the directions. Go to page 96 and It may sound kind of crazy, but some animals can actually recognize writing! There aren’t any species that can read full sentences, but some can be trained to learn the shapes of letters and symbols, plus some small words. For example, dolphins can read two-dimensiona­l symbols, and some dogs can be trained to recognize words like “exit,” restroom signs or other important markers. Dogs are naturally sensitive to their surroundin­gs and pay special attention to non-verbal communicat­ion (things you say without speaking). Dogs will rate notice if you’re crying, if your heart changes, if your posture is different or if your facial expression changes. These are all signs that something is wrong, and they pick up on that. It’s one of the many things that make dogs so special! one, lesions. If a cat gets call them resorptive Yes, they can, but vets it’d like we would. Instead, dentist to get it filled it doesn’t go to the tell vet. So how can you tooth removed by a have to get the infected is drooling. Your cat One of the main signs if your cat has a “cavity”? extra-sensitive, which because its tooth is may drool when it eats look out for is your Another thing you can makes chewing painful. this beSometime­s cats do and then dropping it. cat picking up food eat hard pieces of food. and they’re unable to cause their tooth hurts Most camels live in places with hot climates where develop when they’re young and start eating solid foods. When a camel is traveling through the desert and can’t find any food, its body is able to get the nutrients it needs from that stored fat.

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