Cover Story: 10 Ways Tay­lor Swift Is Just Like You!

She may be a fa­mous singer, but she’s a lot more like you than you’d think!

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1 She’s su­per-close with her fam­ily.

Tay­lor’s par­ents have al­ways been re­ally sup­port­ive of her dreams, and that’s why they’re so tight. They even moved her — and her younger brother, Austin — to Nashville when she was 14 so she could pur­sue a coun­try mu­sic ca­reer! “They re­ally be­lieved in me,” Tay­lor shares.

2 She grew up in a small town.

Like many of you, Tay­lor didn’t spend her child­hood in a big, glam­orous city. She spent most of it in the small town of Wy­omiss­ing, PA. Though, there was one unusual thing about her home: It was on a Christ­mas tree farm! And Tay­lor worked on it: “We all had jobs. Mine was pick­ing the pray­ing man­tis pods off of the trees, col­lect­ing them so that the bugs wouldn’t hatch in­side peo­ple’s houses.”

3 She has a lucky num­ber.

“Thir­teen is my lucky num­ber,” Tay­lor re­veals. “I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Fri­day the 13th. My first al­bum went gold in 13 weeks. My first num­ber one song had a 13-sec­ond in­tro.”

4 She en­joyed school.

“English class was al­ways my fa­vorite be­cause of the read­ing, the writ­ing and mostly be­cause of the po­etry,” Tay­lor re­veals. She was also a great stu­dent — she grad­u­ated high school with a 4.0 GPA (that’s all A’s!).

5 She’s a kid at heart.

Grow­ing up, you of­ten think adults are too se­ri­ous or “no fun.” That’s not how Tay­lor wants to be. “I dance like I’m hav­ing fun at awards shows, even though no one else is,” she smiles. “Be­cause be­ing cool usu­ally means be­ing bored by ev­ery­thing, and I’m not.”

6 She wasn’t al­ways pop­u­lar.

“Ju­nior high was ac­tu­ally sort of hard be­cause I got dumped by this group of pop­u­lar girls,” Tay­lor ad­mits. “They didn’t think I was cool or pretty enough, so they stopped talk­ing to me.” That was a ter­ri­ble ex­pe­ri­ence for Tay, but she cred­its that dark time with help her find her pas­sion for song­writ­ing.


Tay­lor has three cats — Mered­ith, Olivia and Ben­jamin — so it’s safe to say she’s kit­ten ob­sessed. She’s had Mered­ith since 2011, Olivia since 2014 and just added Ben­jamin to the fam­ily in 2019. Tay­lor wasn’t plan­ning on get­ting an­other cat when she met Ben­jamin, but he looked at her with eyes that said, “adopt me please!” “He’s just the best boy,” she gushes.

8 She’s ob­sessed with bak­ing.

We all have hob­bies, right? Bak­ing is def­i­nitely one of Tay­lor’s fave ones! Over the years, she’s shared her recipes for choco­late chip cook­ies, pump­kin cook­ies, chai sugar cook­ies and more. “Baker’s gonna bake,” she jokes.

9 She makes mis­takes.

Though it may seem like Tay­lor’s life has been all about suc­cess, that isn’t the case. “Mis­takes are in­evitable,” she shares. “Some­times you think if you try hard enough to make ev­ery de­ci­sion per­fectly, you think you can pos­si­bly ace life and never make any mis­takes but it’s nor­mal to make mis­takes.”

10 She’s an amaz­ing friend.

Camila Ca­bello, Se­lena Gomez, Katy Perry — what do they have in com­mon? They’re all buds with Tay! Tay­lor and Se­lena have been BFFS since 2008, and Sel re­cently gave Tay­lor a shout-out for be­ing such a great pal: “You have taught me so much. You re­mind me to be a bet­ter hu­man be­ing. I’m on your side for life.”

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