DIY: Bows For Your Hair!

Lots of peo­ple have store-bought hair bows — this is your chance to make some­thing unique!

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En­large the pat­terns seen be­low as di­rected. Cut them out and tape them to the vinyl. Next, cut out two tail pieces and one rib­bon piece per bar­rette.

Tape to­gether the two tail pieces at the top cen­ter. Sew close to the edge around the tail sec­tions, leav­ing 2 inches at the top open. Re­move the tape and add se­quins into the tips through the open space. Keep the se­quins away from the cen­ter of the tail part. Sew the open top area closed. Trim to inch from the stitch­ing, round­ing the points. Set aside.

Take one rib­bon piece and sew the short ends to­gether close to the edges to cre­ate a loop. Pinch the loop to­gether so the seam is in the cen­ter. Sew one side to­gether close to the edges. Fill the rib­bon sides with se­quins. Keep the se­quins away from the cen­ter. (Tip: A large pa­per­clip opened to make a long point can be used to di­rect the se­quins down into the outer parts of the tail pieces.) Sew the open side closed. Trim to inch from the stitch­ing.

Pinch to­gether the cen­ter of the rib­bon part in an ac­cor­dion (pleated) fold. Sew em­broi­dery floss once through the edge of the folded cen­ter, then wrap around the pinched cen­ter 3-4 times. Tie off through the vinyl and the wraps. This will hold the rib­bon pinch. Do not cut the floss. Sew on the tail sec­tion cen­tered be­hind the rib­bon. (This floss will be cov­ered with the gros­grain rib­bon.)

Cut a 3-inch length of rib­bon. Fold un­der one end and hand sew with thread to the back cen­ter of the bar­rette onto the floss wrap. Wrap the loose end of the rib­bon once around the cen­ter of the bow. Fold un­der the raw edge, pull tight and sew to the orig­i­nal end. This will se­cure and fin­ish the cen­ter of the bar­rette.

Open the bar­rette and cen­ter over the back of the rib­bon. Hand sew 2-3 times over the lower sec­tion of the bar­rette and through the rib­bon. This will tem­po­rar­ily hold the bar­rette in place. Sew through the cir­cle ends of the bar­rette and through the tail sec­tions. This will not be vis­i­ble through to the front of the bar­rette.

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