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Your Cookbook

your cookbook Rice Cereal Treat Pops can snack for popsicles, you When it’s too cold pops instead! on these colorful cereal INGREDIENT­S: • non-stick vegetable spray • 6 tablespoon­s butter • 1 (12-ounce) bag marshmallo­ws • 6 cups crispy cereal • Wilton Violet icing color color • Wilton Royal Blue icing color • Wilton Kelly Green icing icing • Wilton Lemon Yellow color • Wilton Orange icing color • Wilton Pink icing color SUPPLIES: pan • Wilton 8-cavity mini loaf microwave-safe bowl • • wooden ice pop sticks DIRECTIONS: 1. Prepare pan with vegetable bowl, spray. In microwave-safe butter combine 1 tablespoon and 2 ounces marshmallo­ws. on high; Heat for 30 seconds color; mix. Add Violet icing cereal. mix. Add 1 cup crispy aside. Stir to coat evenly. Set 2. Repeat five more times with remaining icing colors. 3. Prepare hands with vegetable spray or butter. Divide purple rice cereal treats into 16 equal portions, Form about ¼ ounces each. into into 2-inch log. Press loaf pan cavity on short side. Repeat with remaining colors. Reserve remaining colored treats to repeat can steps. Colored cereal to be reheated in microwave soften again. Place 4. Heat oven to 250°F. in pan with rice cereal treats slightly. just enough to soften Remove from oven and press down to help colored Cool. segments join together. Remove treats from pan. 5. Repeat process again Insert for total of 16 treats. one. lollipop stick into each Grab and enjoy! find You can recipe this others and on like it! 10

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