Girls' World : 2020-01-01

Your Problems Solved : 23 : 21

Your Problems Solved

Following rules Girls’ World, Dear my I love Youtube videos, but of time parents limit the amount It’s so I can spend watching them. annoying! — Sad subscriber videos on There are so many cool feels like you could Youtube that it probably still not get enough. The watch all day long and idea to watch Youtube truth is, it’s not a great your parents put for that long, which is why it’s time to turn their rule in place. When your own Youtubewor­thy Youtube off, why not do pretend to do your activities? You can your toys, make own unboxing videos with the house or do crafts with supplies around friends. You’ll have so silly sketches with your all about the rule! much fun that you’ll forget On Sydney to the Max, Sydney gets so frustrated she when can’t get an in A poetry class. Test trauma Dreidel dilemma Send us your question! Go to page 96 and follow the instructio­ns.

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