Girls' World : 2020-01-01

Your Obsession : 77 : 75

Your Obsession

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE STORE IN THE MALL? Justice 56% 71% 29% DO YOU MAKE YOUR BED EVERY MORNING? No Yes 51% 49% NO YES upcoming issue! these questions for an Answer __________________________ TO SCHOOL? DO YOU BRING A WATER BOTTLE ____________________________ AIRPLANE? HAVE YOU EVER FLOWN IN AN ______________________________ WHAT’S BETTER: BATHS OR SHOWERS? ____________________________ MORNING? DO YOU HAVE BEDHEAD IN THE _______________ PICK? YOUR BFF, WHO WOULD YOU IF YOU COULD MAKE ANY CELEB _____________________ SKATING OR ICE SKATING? WHAT’S MORE FUN: ROLLER _______________________ YOUR BEDROOM WALL? DO YOU HANG POSTERS ON ___________________________ OF THE DAY? WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE MEAL ______________ NEXT COVER? MOST WANT TO SEE ON OUR WHICH CELEBRITY DO YOU AGE?_____ Floor York Plaza, 2nd You Said It!, 4 New mail@girlsworld­ swers to Girls’ World, MAIL TO: CUT OUT AND 75 WHICH DO YOU LIKE MORE: HATS OR EARMUFFS? Hats Earmuffs Claire’s 17% Gap Kids 15% Build-a-bear 7% The Disney Store 5% DO YOU WEAR A UNIFORM TO SCHOOL? 86% 14%

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