Girls' World : 2020-01-01

Your Future : 96 : 94

Your Future

Get your scope! your future Have you ever read your horoscope? Sagittariu­s Aquarius 94 If so, then you’re practicing astrology. Astrology is the study of how the movements of the planets and stars influence a person’s personalit­y or things that may happen to them in the future. To read your horoscope, you need to know your sign. In astrology, the sky is divided into 12 sections, each named after the constellat­ion that originally fell within its zone. Each sign has its own personalit­y traits. If you know your sign, you can learn more about you! Using your birth date, see which sign you are below. Then, check out what the stars have to say about your life in the months ahead! November 22 - December 21 Get ready to have the best birthday ever! Sags love to explore and learn new things, so ask your parents to set up a birthday scavenger hunt for your party this year. You’ll discover cool stuff and have a blast following the clues with your friends. Capricorn December 22 - January 19 Winter is here, and you’ve got a really exciting month ahead! With your birthday around the corner, you can expect to get a huge surprise this year. And even though you aren’t a big fan of the unexpected, you’ll like the one your family is planning. When a close friend comes to you for advice in January, give them your honest opinion. It’ll help them feel less overwhelme­d if they can talk things through with you. Pisces As an artsy sign, you won’t be bored when the chilly weather hits. than ever and come up with some epic DIY creations.

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