IS THERE RE­ALLY Or is Char­lie A GHOST? just prank­ing Carolyn?

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Nei­ther! The “ghost” is a cuckoo clock. Re­mem­ber how Gram said Gramps was a pack rat? She men­tioned that he keeps a col­lec­tion of clocks in some of the at­tic boxes. Af­ter hear­ing the noise the first time, Gram be­gan com­plain­ing about all the dif­fer­ent clocks

Gramps had up there, in­clud­ing a cuckoo and a grand­fa­ther clock. Carolyn didn’t hear her, but Char­lie did be­cause she was sit­ting closer. Char­lie was freaked by the noise at first, but once she heard Gram’s com­plaints, she re­al­ized what was hap­pen­ing.

She and Gram ex­plained it to Carolyn, then three of them spent the next

30 min­utes hunt­ing for the cuckoo clock. Now that she knows it isn’t a ghost, Carolyn wants

Gram and Gramps to hang it in the liv­ing room!

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