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A guide to GROWING UP!

You’ll go through changes — but we promise it doesn’t have to be scary!



We’re sorry to tell you that school will become more challengin­g … but you’ll only get smarter because of it.

You’ll continue to learn, which only increases your brain power — score! If you’re confused about a lesson, talk to your teacher. You can raise your hand in class or talk to them after if that makes you feel more comfortabl­e.


During your tween and teen years, it’s pretty common to get into some fights with your parents. They set the rules and maybe you’ll want to change some of them. Spoiler alert: You can’t! When you get frustrated, take a deep breath, count to 10 and remind yourself that your mom and dad are looking out for you.


Friends will always be one of the most important things in your life! They should be a trusted group that you can always count on. It’s normal to become closer to some people and lose touch with others as you all grow and change. Just remember the golden rule — always treat others the way you want to be treated.


We can’t say this enough: Don’t be afraid to try new things! Have you always been interested in the piano? Ask a parent if you can take a lesson. Do you love writing in your journal? See if there’s a school publicatio­n you can write for. This is the time to discover what you like.


It’s important to take care of your body because it needs the right nutrients to grow into a strong and healthy adult! Make sure you’re drinking water and eating your fruits and veggies. You’ll also want to stay active by running around outside, joining a sports team or taking a dance class.


Have you ever felt like you’re on an emotional roller coaster — like one minute you’re totally fine and the next minute you’re super-angry or ready to cry? That’s normal when you’re growing up. When you feel your mood shifting, try to soothe yourself with a relaxing activity, like taking a bubble bath or painting your nails.


You’re quite literally going to grow into an adult. Your body prepares you for that when you’re still young. It’s possible for some kids to grow up to 4 inches per year (this is known as a growth spurt). While your body gets taller, you have to gain weight as well. We know all of this can make you feel uncomforta­ble, but it’s only natural!

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