Chi­nese mil­i­tary hard­ware at­tracts greater in­ter­na­tional at­ten­tion at air show

Global Times US Edition - - TOPNEWS - By Hu Wei­jia in Zhuhai

China Aerospace Sci­ence and In­dus­try Cor­po­ra­tion Lim­ited (CASIC) show­cased a new type of anti-ship bal­lis­tic mis­sile at the Air­show China 2018 in Zhuhai, South China’s Guang­dong Prov­ince on Tues­day, which an ex­pert says has the po­ten­tial to de­stroy a hos­tile ship with one hit.

Co­de­named CM-401, the weapon sys­tem is a new type of hy­per­sonic bal­lis­tic anti-ship mis­sile that can reach as fast as Mach 6, ac­cord­ing to a de­scrip­tion the com­pany re­leased at the air show.

It can be launched into a nearspace tra­jec­tory and is ca­pa­ble of hy­per­sonic ma­neu­ver­able flight through­out the course, the de­scrip­tion said.

Upon reach­ing above its tar­get, the CM-401 can con­duct a ter­mi­nal div­ing at­tack at ex­tremely high ve­loc­ity, it said.

The mis­sile can de­liver rapid and pre­cise strikes on medium to large ves­sels, ves­sel for­ma­tions and port tar­gets, the de­scrip­tion said.

A mil­i­tary ex­pert who asked not to be named told the Global Times on Tues­day that the weapon has the po­ten­tial of de­stroy­ing a hos­tile ves­sel with one hit.

Once it be­gins to dive, it is very dif­fi­cult to in­ter­cept be­cause of its hy­per­sonic ve­loc­ity, the ex­pert said. Chi­nese mil­i­tary and aero­nau­tic equip­ment ex­hib­ited at the air show in Zhuhai, South China’s Guang­dong Prov­ince has in­creas­ingly at­tracted at­ten­tion from in­ter­na­tional buy­ers.

The 12th China In­ter­na­tional Avi­a­tion and Aerospace Ex­hi­bi­tion 2018, also known as Air­show China 2018, kicked off on Tues­day in Zhuhai.

This year’s ex­hi­bi­tion has more in­ter­na­tional buy­ers on

China also has the DF-21D and DF-26 bal­lis­tic mis­siles ca­pa­ble of tar­get­ing mov­ing tar­gets at sea. open­ing day than the pre­vi­ous show, sev­eral arms pro­duc­ers said.

Some of the mil­i­tary equip­ment which re­ceived the most at­ten­tion from in­ter­na­tional buy­ers are the CM-400AKG and CM-401 mis­siles, Zhu An­dong, a staff mem­ber of the China Aerospace Sci­ence and In­dus­try Cor­po­ra­tion, told the Global Times on Tues­day.

The CM-400AKG air-toground mis­sile is a su­per­sonic mis­sile meant to strike build-

China has al­ready mas­tered the dif­fi­cult tech­nique of anti-ship bal­lis­tic mis­siles, he said, not­ing that ings and radar sites. The CM401 is a high su­per­sonic bal­lis­tic anti-ship mis­sile mainly used to at­tack medium-to-lar­ge­sized ships. Those prod­ucts are in­creas­ingly ap­peal­ing to buy­ers from other coun­tries due to their high per­for­mance-to-price ra­tio, Zhu said.

One of the other best-sell­ing items at the air show is the Rain­bow se­ries of un­manned aerial ve­hi­cles (UAVs), Wang Yongzhi, the tech­ni­cal ex­pert of the Rain­bow se­ries, told the even the US and Rus­sia do not have a sim­i­lar weapon in ser­vice.

Such mis­siles need to change their tra­jec­tory to meet the mov­ing ship, which is hard to achieve as the mis­siles fly very fast and the tar­get could be mov­ing un­pre­dictably, the ex­pert ex­plained.

The CM-401 can be launched by var­i­ous plat­forms and reach as far as 290 kilo­me­ters, the com­pany said.

It can be launched us­ing a land­based ve­hi­cle, ac­cord­ing to a static dis­play at the air show.

It can also be launched by a ship, ac­cord­ing to an il­lus­tra­tion the com­pany re­leased.

The mis­sile is for sale to other coun­tries, a com­pany rep­re­sen­ta­tive told the Global Times on Tues­day at the show.

The anony­mous ex­pert said that putting the weapon on sale in­di­cates that China’s own tech­nol­ogy is far more ad­vanced and that China has the means to de­fend against it.

By pur­chas­ing the weapon, the coun­try will pos­sess greater de­ter­rence against hos­tile sea at­tacks, es­pe­cially from large ves­sels like air­craft car­ri­ers, he noted.

Aside from the CM-401, CASIC is also dis­play­ing an­other anti-ship mis­sile weapon sys­tem fea­tur­ing the YJ-12E (CM-302) su­per­sonic an­ti­ship mis­sile and the C602, C802A/ CM-802B and C705 sub­sonic an­ti­ship mis­sile. Global Times on Tues­day.

He said that the UAVs have at­tracted more at­ten­tion from in­ter­na­tional buy­ers in this year’s ex­hi­bi­tion.

Wang said aside from al­most all of the pre­vi­ous buy­ers dur­ing the last air show, the Rain­bow se­ries has also at­tracted new for­eign con­sumers on the open­ing day of this year’s ex­hi­bi­tion.

The Rain­bow se­ries was de­vel­oped by China Aerospace Sci­ence and Tech­nol­ogy Corpo- ra­tion (CASC).

A state­ment re­leased by CASC on Tues­day said the com­pany signed 32 co­op­er­a­tion agree­ments worth 45.3 bil­lion yuan ($6.6 bil­lion) on the open­ing day.

Over 100 Chi­nese and for­eign en­trepreneurs par­tic­i­pated in the sign­ing cer­e­mony, the state­ment said.

China’s J-10B fighter jet per­forms at the Air­show China 2018 in Zhuhai, South China’s Guang­dong Prov­ince on Tues­day. Two J-10 fighter jets of the Au­gust 1 aer­o­bat­ics team fly over the ex­hi­bi­tion hall of the Air­show China 2018 on Tues­day. China’s J-10B fighter jet per­forms at the Air­show China 2018 in Zhuhai, South China’s Guang­dong Prov­ince on Tues­day.

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