Na­tion ex­pands su­per­com­puter share in TOP500, led by Sun­way Tai­huLight: list

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China ex­panded its share on a global list of the world’s fastest su­per­com­put­ers, ac­cord­ing to a bian­nual rank­ing of the Top500 pub­lished on Mon­day.

The num­ber of su­per­com­put­ers in­stalled in China in­creased from 206 in June to 227 now, ac­count­ing for 45.4 per­cent of the to­tal, ac­cord­ing to the rank­ing.

The num­ber of su­per­com­put­ers that call the US home, by con­trast, con­tin­ued to de- cline, reach­ing an all-time low.

Jack Don­garra, dis­tu­ing­shed pro­fes­sor of com­puter sci­ence at the The Uni­ver­sity of Ten­nessee, said that China is mak­ing large changes with 227 sys­tems com­pared with 109 in the US.

How­ever, sys­tems in the United States are, on av­er­age, more pow­er­ful, re­sult­ing in an ag­gre­gate sys­tem per­for­mance of 38 per­cent, com­pared to 31 per­cent for China.

The Top 10 su­per­com­put­ers saw five US-built sys­tems with the first two cap­tured by “Sum­mit” and “Sierra”, which had sim­i­lar ar­chi­tec­tures with IBM cores and NVIDIA GPUs.

China’s Sun­way Tai­huLight su­per­com­puter is ranked third with its per­for­mance of 93.0 petaflops.

Tianhe-2A (Milky Way-2A), de­ployed at the Na­tional Su­per­com­puter Cen­ter in Guangzhou, is now in the num­ber four po­si­tion, ac­cord­ing to the rank­ing.

Ger­many had a new Top 10 en­try with Su­perMUC-NG, rank­ing num­ber eight. It was built by the Chi­nese tech com­pany Len­ovo, the top su­per­com­puter man­u­fac­turer in the rank­ing, pro­duc­ing 140 of the to­tal.

The most en­ergy-ef­fi­cient sys­tem on the Green500, a list re­leased along with the Top500 by the uni­ver­sity to eval­u­ate a sys­tem’s en­ergy ef­fi­ciency, is once again claimed by the Shoubu sys­tem B at RIKEN sci­en­tific re­search in­sti­tute in Ja­pan.

The Top500 list is con­sid­ered one of the most au­thor­i­ta­tive rank­ings of the world’s su­per­com­put­ers, com­piled on the ba­sis of ma­chine per­for­mance on the Lin­pack bench­mark by US and Ger­man ex­perts.

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