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CAGED sex perv Bill Cosby has slammed a hold on his bank ac­count so long-suf­fer­ing wife Camille can’t drain away his as­sets, in­sid­ers tell GLOBE in a world ex­clu­sive.

The 81-year-old dis­grace, cur­rently serv­ing three to ten years in a Penn­syl­va­nia prison, learned Camille was tap­ping into his pri­vate ac­count when he was no­ti­fied by a bank of­fi­cial she’d al­ready made one with­drawal and was try­ing to pull out more cash with­out her hus­band’s sig­na­ture, a source claims.

“The first check went through, the sec­ond one raised a red flag,” snitches the source. “Mrs. Cosby wrote a check be­cause she needed it to sup­port fam­ily and staff. She’s been chis­el­ing away at their as­sets since he was sen­tenced to house ar­rest and took it to a new level af­ter he was in­car­cer­ated.

“The bank got in touch with Mr. Cosby through his as­sis­tants,” who ar­ranged a tele­phone call.

Dur­ing the call, “he told the bank to freeze the pri­mary ac­count” — where his roy­al­ties are de­posited and in­ter­est is ac­cu­mu­lated, the snitch says.

An­other source says, “Bill asked they void all fu­ture checks from that ac­count and freeze it un­til he or his per­sonal lawyer say oth­er­wise.

“He lost the funds from the first check be­cause he won’t re­port it as fraud­u­lent since it’s Camille.

“But he’s out­raged that she pulled a fast one.”

Bill believes Camille went for his ac­count af­ter hear­ing about the idea on The Wendy Wil­liams Show, an in­sider says.

Med­dling Wendy noted Camille should take the check­book and write out half of ev­ery­thing they have — and when Cosby heard about the TV talker’s com­ments, he blew a fuse, sources claim.

The su­per­star in­mate ranted his wife “bet­ter not take ad­vice from Wil­liams,” says the first source, who notes the creepy comic or­dered his staff to sum­mon Camille to his prison for a oneon-one talk.

‘She’s been chis­el­ing away at their as­sets since he was sen­tenced’

As GLOBE re­ported, Camille has been scarce since her hus­band’s April con­vic­tion for sex­u­ally as­sault­ing a Tem­ple Univer­sity women’s bas­ket­ball team exec in their Phi­ladelphia man­sion.

While he was un­der house ar­rest in Penn­syl­va­nia wait­ing to be sen­tenced, Camille packed up and moved to their ritzy Mass­a­chu­setts es­tate.

Although she’s sup­ported his ef­forts to win a new trial —- or get his con­vic­tion tossed — Cosby’s wife of 54 years did not ap­pear at his sen­tenc­ing.

Since he’s gone to the big house, an in­sider says their tele­phone con­ver­sa­tions have been “brief and to the point. She’s tol­er­at­ing him, but it’s not af­fec­tion­ate.”

Camille’s also been try­ing to cash in by sell­ing off Bill’s col­lectible trea­sures, in­sid­ers say.

“Camille is scour­ing through their as­sets, but isn’t hav­ing as much luck as she imag­ined since he had the power to stop the check from pro­cess­ing from prison,” says the first source.

“It’s ob­vi­ous Camille is fu­ri­ous over the amount of money in le­gal fees, court costs and what­ever fol­lows this black cloud hov­er­ing over her fam­ily.”

But more bills are com­ing.

The shame­less de­gen­er­ate or­dered his lawyers to fight tooth and nail to get him out of prison and clear his name.

But even if he keeps rot­ting be­hind bars, the sex fiend is de­ter­mined to play hard­ball with Camille over his dough.

“Cosby says if she keeps it up, he’s more than happy to cut her off com­pletely,” the snitch says.

“He also com­pared her failed at­tempt to get money to a snake oil sales­woman. He feels it’s a dec­la­ra­tion of war and if she doesn’t stand down now, he will deal with her ap­pro­pri­ately when he gets out.”

The peeved pris­oner was no­ti­fied of his wife’s scheme — and sum­moned her to his cell for a face-to-face, sources say

Cosby thinks Camille pulled a fastone and ran­sacked his bank ac­count, anin­sider dishes

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