Ru­ins Charles 70th birth­day gala for throw­ing her in psy­cho ward


IT’S over!

In a stun­ning 70th birth­day bomb­shell, hap­less Prince Charles has been cru­elly hit with di­vorce de­mands by his con­niv­ing wife, Camilla, who’s call­ing their 13-year mar­riage a “sex­less sham!”

Now, the heir to the Bri­tish throne’s sec­ond wife is “de­mand­ing a fast-track di­vorce — and the palace is reel­ing,” says a royal courtier. “Camilla knows enough dirty se­crets to bring down the monar­chy — and she’s an­gry enough to do it.”

The royal pair’s blowout erupted fol­low­ing 71-year-old Camilla’s re­turn home af­ter be­ing se­cretly forced into a psy­cho ward by her fu­ri­ous hus­band.

“How dare you do that to me!” she roared. “I’ll NEVER for­give you! I gave you my en­tire life, and this is how I’m re­paid!”

Charles was blind­sided by the vi­cious as­sault but in­sisted Camilla left him no choice but to have her com­mit­ted af­ter she phys­i­cally at­tacked his sis­ter, Princess Anne, dur­ing a fam­ily gath­er­ing at San­dring­ham, the courtier says.

As GLOBE re­ported af­ter the at­tack, a source says, “The roy­als are con­vinced Camilla is nuts! She’s had con­fronta­tions with Prince Harry’s new wife, Meghan, at­tacked Prince Wil­liam’s wife, Kate, and slugged her fa­ther-in-law, Prince Philip, who branded her a ‘com­mon tart.’

“She’s been fight­ing the en­tire fam­ily!

“She’s so jeal­ous of younger, beau­ti­ful Kate and Meghan, she’s waged a vi­cious back­stab­bing cam­paign against them, call­ing them com­mon­ers un­fit to join the royal fam­ily!

“No one is safe from her at­tacks, es­pe­cially when she’s for­ti­fied by her booz­ing!”

Since leav­ing the psych unit, she’s been hit­ting the bot­tle even harder, an in­sider re­veals.

“She re­turned to Kens­ing­ton Palace in a fury and launched a vi­cious tirade against Charles,” says the in­sider.

“I think he re­al­ized at that point his mar­riage was done. He went for the jugu­lar!

“He told Camilla he’d de­cided to give up his claim to the throne in fa­vor of Wil­liam and Kate — and Her Majesty had given her ap­proval!

“Camilla was al­ready apoplec­tic over be­ing com­mit­ted, but this news was like a dag­ger to her heart and put her over the edge!

“Her life­long am­bi­tion is to be queen, and she’s vowed to let noth­ing stand in her way!

“She’s threat­ened to re­veal all the royal fam­ily’s dark­est se­crets if she’s de­nied her chance.

“She ex­ploded at Charles! ‘What are you say­ing? Be­com­ing queen is the only rea­son I’ve stuck with you for al­most 50 years. I’ve turned a blind eye to your dirty flings with men, your love chil­dren ... and this is how you treat me?

“‘I’ve had enough! This sex­less sham mar­riage is over. I want a di­vorce!

“‘I de­serve my free­dom be­fore I die to find a man who truly loves me!’

“She smashed her empty gin and tonic glass on the floor, yelled, ‘You’re go­ing to pay for this!’ and rushed out in tears!”

But the Duchess of Cornwall won’t go qui­etly — or cheaply, pre­dict palace in­sid­ers.

“Camilla’s de­mand­ing a king’s ran­som — as much as $400 mil­lion — to keep the royal se­crets,” says the source.

“She knows the tim­ing of this di­vorce could not be worse for Charles.

“There are elab­o­rate cel­e­bra­tions planned for his 70th birth­day on Nov. 14. He faces the ul­ti­mate hu­mil­i­a­tion of hav­ing to at­tend the par­ties solo — af­ter Camilla caused a flap by re­fus­ing to at­tend his niece Princess Eu­ge­nie’s wed­ding!

“There are fran­tic talks go­ing on be­hind closed doors at Buck­ing­ham Palace, try­ing to ne­go­ti­ate some sort of face­sav­ing com­pro­mise.

“But you know Camilla will play hard­ball.

“There’s noth­ing worse than a wannabe queen scorned, and the roy­als are brac­ing for one of the nas­ti­est — and most ex­pen­sive — royal bust-ups in his­tory.”

In­sid­ers say the Duchess of Cornwall wants as much as $400 mil­lion to keep silent about nearly 50 years ofroyal scan­dals!

Prince Charles told Camilla he was giv­ing up his claim to the throne — caus­ing the un­hinged harpy to go bal­lis­tic, says a palace snitch

Camilla is jeal­ous of younger, more pop­u­lar roy­als and holds a spe­cial ha­tred for Wil­liam and Harry’s wives, Kate andMeghan, dishes a courtier

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