CON­NIV­ING Camilla’s plot to fleece Prince Charles out of $250 mil­lion in their bit­ter di­vorce has been de­railed — by the new­est royal, Meghan!

In a shock­ing show­down, sources say Prince Harry’s preg­nant bride raged at her mother-in-law: “I know your se­cret! What you’ve done has de­stroyed your mar­riage — and you’ll be gone with­out a dime!”

The as­ton­ish­ing con­fronta­tion erupted days be­fore Harry, 34, and Meghan of­fi­cially an­nounced they’re ex­pect­ing their first child in the spring, palace spies re­veal.

“The cou­ple wanted to tell Charles, Prince William and Kate be­fore they went pub­lic, and in­vited them to their home at Kens­ing­ton Palace,” says a royal in­sider.

“But I’m told they’d no sooner shared their joy­ous news than Camilla — who’d un­ex­pect­edly tagged along — started mak­ing snide re­marks about the

“She’d al­ready downed a cou­ple of gin and ton­ics, and be­gan taunt­ing Meghan that at 37 she was very old to have her first child. Then she did the un­think­able and won­dered what color the new baby’s skin would be!

“Kate was hor­ri­fied. ‘You’re a dis­grace!’ she told Camilla.

“Meghan, who is bira­cial, ex­ploded!

“She raised her voice, say­ing Camilla tried to de­stroy her ro­mance with Harry from day one.

“Meghan said it was time for the truth and re­vealed Camilla’s dark­est se­cret — she’s cheating on her hus­band!

“I’m told the room went to­tally silent. Every­one was stunned. I’m sure at that mo­ment Meghan re­gret­ted her words, but it was too late. Charles qui­etly asked her to con­tinue.”

Meghan took a deep breath and said Camilla had been caught kiss­ing and hold­ing hands with an­other man at the Cas­tle of Mey in the north of Scot­land, the in­sider dishes.

A photo of the cheating pair was taken in Au­gust — and

Harry’s preg­nant bride tells Charles ev­ery­thing & ru­ins his wife’s plan for $250M di­vorce pay­day -in­sid­ers

the source claims the pic­ture was shown to Meghan when she and her hus­band re­cently spent five days at the cas­tle with Charles and his wife. ‘Once a cheater …’

“She was told that while Charles stayed in­doors read­ing his beloved books, Camilla took lone hikes along the coast­line and met up with the man on a re­mote corner of the es­tate,” says the source.

“The man was tall, about six-foot-one, with rugged good looks. He wore tweeds and a game­keeper hat.

“The staffer told Meghan the cou­ple was to­tally en­grossed with each other and didn’t see the photo be­ing taken.”

In a world ex­clu­sive, GLOBE has learned the man — whose iden­tity has not been con­firmed — was a visi­tor from the queen’s Bal­moral es­tate about 200 miles south where Charles, 69, and Camilla, 71, spend the sum­mers.

“Camilla has been cheating with this guy for about five years,” an­other royal source tells GLOBE. “She makes ex­cuses to spend time with him when­ever she can.

“She even missed Princess Eu­ge­nie’s wed­ding on Oct. 12. She was at Bal­moral vis­it­ing school­child­ren — and her lover!

“This guy came along when her mar­riage had hit rock bot­tom and her dream of be­com­ing queen was dashed.

“She needed a shoul­der to cry on and a man who’s good in bed. And she found him.”

But the woman who stole Princess Diana’s hus­band can for­get her $250 mil­lion di­vorce de­mand af­ter the bomb­shell.

“Charles was shocked at Camilla’s be­trayal — but not to­tally sur­prised,” says the in­sider. “‘Once a cheater, al­ways a cheater,’ he hissed at his shaken wife. ‘Get out now! We are done!’ ”

GLOBE has learned Camilla cheated with a visi­tor from the queen’s Bal­morales­tate

Af­ter Camilla made snide re­marks about her un­born child, Harry’s wife, Meghan, re­vealed the truth about Camilla to Charles, in­sid­ers dish

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