New science puts cracks in old blame game


EAT­ING eggs makes for a health­ier heart, ac­cord­ing to a re­cent study in China. In the past, doc­tors have of­ten warned pa­tients to avoid eggs, given their nat­u­rally high choles­terol con­tent. But a hard-boiled team from Pek­ing Univer­sity School of Pub­lic Health in Bei­jing has called foul on that ad­vice!

Re­search leader Dr. Can­qing Yu notes eggs also con­tain qual­ity pro­tein and other health-boost­ing nu­tri­tional com­po­nents — mak­ing them good for you! Sci­en­tists guided by Yu and his col­league Prof. Lim­ing Li an­a­lyzed data from more than 400,000 adults in China aged be­tween 30 and 79 years old, who had no his­tory of can­cer, car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease or di­a­betes.

They found that af­ter al­most ten years, those who con­sumed an egg daily had an 18 per­cent lower risk of dy­ing from car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease. They also had a 26 per­cent re­duced in­ci­dence of hem­or­rhagic stroke, an of­ten fa­tal brain bleed, and ex­pe­ri­enced 12 per­cent lower odds of is­chemic heart dis­ease, more com­monly called hard­en­ing of the ar­ter­ies.

Nearly all the par­tic­i­pants ate eggs from chick­ens, not ducks, Yu notes.

But Prof. Nita Forouhi of the Univer­sity of Cam­bridge, who was not in­volved in the re­search, cau­tions while eggs may be healthy, what you eat with them mat­ters, too.

“In a West­ern con­text, if you eat eggs with lots of re­fined white bread, pro­cessed meats like ba­con and sausages and sugar-rich ketchup, that is ma­te­ri­ally dif­fer­ent to eat­ing an egg with whole-grain bread and veg­eta­bles,” says Forouhi.

Eggs are loaded with hearthealthy vi­ta­mins and min­er­als eat­ing an egg a day may keep car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease away!

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