Crippled & in agony as muscle bursts during dance routine


AGING Pamela Anderson’s dreams of winning France’s version of Dancing with the Stars were shattered after a horrific injury during a rehearsal left her in crippling agony and on crutches.

The 51-year-old former Baywatch beauty says her right “calf exploded” while practicing with pro partner Maxime Dereymez.

“We weren’t doing anything crazy,” she recalls, “just dancing. It felt like someone threw a baseball very hard at my lower leg. I screamed and turned around and ... then realized it was my calf muscle that may have exploded.”

Now, the pinup, who’s recovering from a bust-up with 32-year-old French soccer star lover Adil Rami, has new pain in her life. She’s sporting a brace and bandages on her injured leg.

“She feels crippled and helpless,” blabs an insider. “Her leg hurts like crazy and she can’t put any pressure on it without sharp pain. She cries. She can’t rehearse. She can’t dance.”

Florida-based Dr. Gabe Mirkin believes the beauty “tore her soleus muscle ... underneath the larger gastrocnem­ius muscle in the calf, which can cause extensive bleeding.

“This would make it very painful and difficult to dance.”

The good news is, Mirkin, who has not treated Pamela, says “it is a totally curable injury that will eventually heal, but will take at least three weeks.”

 ??  ?? The aging actress, 51, hurt herself while rehearsing for reality show
The aging actress, 51, hurt herself while rehearsing for reality show
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