Tired & hen­pecked Ge­orge is pack­ing it in as pals worry Amal’s preg­nant


AF­TER just four years of mar­riage, Ge­orge Clooney is mis­er­able over his wife Amal’s de­mand­ing be­hav­ior, and pals are con­vinced the movie hunk wants out of his stormy mar­riage and is gear­ing up to file for what would be a bil­lion-dol­lar divorce!

The dap­per 57-year-old Hol­ly­wood A-lis­ter and the 40-year-old Le­banese-born hu­man rights lawyer — par­ents of year-old twins Ella and Alexan­der — have been bick­er­ing over nearly ev­ery­thing for the bet­ter part of the year and can’t seem to agree on any­thing with­out a clash, say sources.

“They fight over ev­ery­thing, large and small, and he’s get­ting so tired of get­ting beaten down by her in­tel­lect and su­pe­rior way of speak­ing that he’s will­ing to walk,” squeals an in­sider.

“They fight over his booze busi­ness, their money and his show­biz friends that Amal can’t — or won’t — re­late to.

“He com­plains he’s nagged all the time over whether it’s his turn to change the di­a­pers or to put the kids to bed with a story. He wants to do that, but doesn’t like her bug­ging him about it.”

Sources say things re­ally be­came tense af­ter his scooter ac­ci­dent on July 10 in Sar­dinia, where he was shoot­ing his Hulu minis­eries, Catch-22.

“Amal’s been on his back over his reck­less be­hav­ior ever since, and how he needs to be more re­spon­si­ble now that he’s a hus­band and fa­ther,” says the in­sider.

“Ge­orge has had it. He used to be a fun-lov­ing guy, but she’s sucked the life out of him!”

She’s also med­dled in his tequila busi­ness with part­ner-pal Rande Ger­ber, hubby of model Cindy Craw­ford. While the friends sold Casami­gos to bev­er­age gi­ant Di­a­geo in 2017, they still have a lot of say in the com­pany.

“That’s not the im­age Amal thinks they should be pro­mot­ing. She’s try­ing to get Ge­orge to give up all his ties to Casami­gos,” notes the source. “But he re­fuses to let her hen­peck­ing sway him.”

Spec­u­la­tion about their re­la­tion­ship be­gan fly­ing when the pair went their sep­a­rate ways on their fourth wed­ding an­niver­sary on Sept. 27 — with Amal at­tend­ing the 73rd ses­sion of the United Na­tions Gen­eral Assem­bly while Ge­orge par­tied with Rande and other pals in L.A.

But se­ri­ous cracks in the mar­riage be­gan ap­pear­ing just four months af­ter they

got hitched in Venice, Italy, in 2014. The cou­ple were re­port­edly hav­ing fights over his Hol­ly­wood friends and Amal’s high-handed be­hav­ior, lead­ing to pre­dic­tions the mar­riage was doomed.

“She just hates Hol­ly­wood,” said a source close to Ge­orge.

Claimed a pal: “Amal is just rude to Ge­orge’s friends and acts above them. If things keep go­ing this way, they will def­i­nitely divorce.”

Amal is also prone to jeal­ousy, and even banned her hubby from be­ing around other gals un­less she was there, fear­ing he might be tempted to cheat, notes a source.

Now, as Ge­orge is re­port­edly ready to bolt, ru­mors are fly­ing that Amal may be preg­gers — with what was sup­posed to be a mar­riage-sav­ing third baby.

“That would be un­for­tu­nate tim­ing,” says the source. “Ge­orge would have to re­think his exit strat­egy if that turns out to be true.”

Money could also keep them to­gether. The source says the Ocean’s Eleven star “dis­creetly con­sulted his lawyers” and “is cer­tain Amal would walk away with the bulk of his for­tune since there was no prenup. She would prob­a­bly de­mand pri­mary phys­i­cal cus­tody of their twins, too.”

As GLOBE pre­vi­ously re­ported, sources say Ge­orge aban­doned his first wife, Talia Bal­sam — and Amal may face a sim­i­lar fate.

“The bick­er­ing has Ge­orge mis­er­able,” says the source. “He’s ready to walk.”

The ac­tor’s scooter ac­ci­dent this past sum­mer cre­ated ten­sion be­tween thecou­ple

Pal Rande Ger­ber (left) and Ge­orge started the tequila brand Casami­gos, which sold for a bil­liondol­lars

Hu­man rights lawyer Amal acts like she’sabove her hubby’s friends,in­sid­ers say

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