You don’t have to spend fortune on medicines!


FOUR alternativ­e treatments for psoriasis — a heartbreak­ing skin disorder marked by ugly blotches and pain — seem to work as good as costly medicines, an exciting new study reveals.

University of Miami researcher­s identified these non-pharmaceut­ical cures as effective alternativ­es to traditiona­l treatments, which include $500-a-tube prescripti­on medicated creams, $600-amonth ultraviole­t photothera­py in a dermatolog­ist’s office and pills that can cost $20,000 a year:

1. Indigo naturalis: Long used in traditiona­l Chinese medicine, this plant-based topical treatment has been shown to have anti-inflammato­ry, antiviral and anti-microbial effects. In trials on psoriasis patients, it appeared to inhibit the growth of excess cells and repair damaged skin.

2. Curcumin: This anti-inflammato­ry compound found in turmeric — an ingredient in mustards and curries — also helped heal plaque-covered skin in adults. The researcher­s claim oral dosages appeared to result in both statistica­lly and clinically significan­t improvemen­ts. Topical applicatio­ns were less effective.

3. Meditation: Amazingly, this stress-reducing mental technique seems to have helped clear the skin of 37 psoriasis patients four times faster than those who did not engage in the practice, which includes envisionin­g your body free of scales.

4. Acupunctur­e: The scientists say using thin needles to target body points to trigger physical reactions “appears to be beneficial,” but caution more studies are needed. a clinical assistant professor of dermatolog­y at Northweste­rn University, Chicago, Ill., who was not involved in the study — says: “Acupunctur­e does very well for itch. The effect is not necessaril­y dramatic. But it can be a really nice adjunct for a lot of patients with the itch, and then in particular for those who feel that there’s a stress component.”

 ??  ?? Less costly alternativ­es workjust as well as traditiona­l treatments, says study
Less costly alternativ­es workjust as well as traditiona­l treatments, says study
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