Iowa geek earns $500G playing games online!


AGEEKY guy in Iowa who plays video games for a living is banking up to $500,000 a year! “I never thought I was going to make money from this,” admits 27-year-old nerdy Nick Overton. “I literally only did it because I liked to do it.” Nick — a pro at a game called Fortnite — earns a salary through an eSports company, rakes in money from YouTube and Twitch streaming and pockets cash prizes from tournament­s.

His annual income ranges from $300,000 to $500,000 — but gaming is his life!

“I don’t go out with friends ever. I’m streaming every day,” Nick confesses.

His passion for online gaming dates back to when he was six years old and got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.

After that, he lived and breathed video games. But when Nick was 12, his dad sold his Xbox and video games!

“I freaked out! But my parents thought I played too much, didn’t focus on school enough,” recalls Nick, who lives in Des Moines.

For the next two years, he got involved in hockey, soccer, football and fishing instead of video games.

But at 14, he got a parttime job and saved up enough money to buy the latest generation Xbox.

His dad flipped out but advised him to figure out how to make money from gaming, Nick says.

He took the challenge seriously. When he lost online, he’d study the outcome and practice the skills he lacked.

While a student at the University of Iowa, Nick jokes he did “nothing” for fun.

After graduating in 2013, Nick worked for a streaming company for a year, then struck out on his own.

Once a week he gets up at 3 a.m. to create a video about updates to Fortnite, which features human survivors battling monsters in a postapocal­yptic world. He also live streams on Twitch for five hours a day.

It’s paid off big-time — especially since Fortnite has more than 45 million players worldwide!

“I make more money streaming and doing YouTube — and I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself!” he says.

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 ??  ?? The avid gamer plays the popular game Fortnite on streaming platforms YouTube and Twitch
The avid gamer plays the popular game Fortnite on streaming platforms YouTube and Twitch

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