Botox binge erases 10


COWBOY king Keith Urban is looking way younger than his 50 years thanks to a eyepopping Botox binge, top metic surgeons tell GLOBE. cole Kidman’s singer by’s incredible new look dn’t come at a better time, es a Tinseltown insider. s gone through a rough h in his marriage and beed that he needed a bit of a h-up to remain the music she fell in love with.” ut while many celebs turn r mugs into horror shows chasing the fountain of youth, experts, who have not treated the guitar slinger, say Keith’s wrinkle-erasing Botox and cheek fillers are just right.

“This is a classic Botox effect — and it’s been done right and looks great!” says New York plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle Back. “It was injected between the eyebrows, around the eyebrows and into the crow’s-feet areas.

“The result is diminished lines and folds and creases.”

Dr. Anthony Youn says Keith is “looking younger than ever” and believes the pretty boy had Botox shots “into his forehead” to smooth out wrinkles.

The doc says he also appears to have had “a conservati­ve amount of injectable filler, such as Juvederm, into his cheeks and smile lines.

“These look softer and more filled out.”

Dr. Yoel Shahar says the star appears to have had cheek fillers “above the nasolabial fold, but also high, lateral cheeks that make him look younger,” praising the work as “very high quality.”

The insider says while Keith “is vain ... he didn’t want to do something too drastic so that he would look like a plastic surgery poster child.”

Adds Youn: “Overall, he looks like he’s aging in reverse!”

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