MICHIGAN resident David Mazurek was stunned to learn the 23-pound iron and nickel rock he uses as a doorstop is actually

a meteorite worth $100,000! Dave says the treasure was included with an old barn he bought in 1988. He’s now willing to sell it off — to make

some space!

UNLUCKY Lorraine Sulham, 84, died in a freak car accident

while leaving Vermont’s Pittsfield Village Cemetery — and was buried just yards away from the crash four days later.

ALL pet owners at The Residence in Annapolis, Md., are required to provide samples of their dog’s doo-doo as the community’s condo commandos turned poop police. Now, associatio­n board members are scooping up dog droppings and using DNA tests to collar residents who are violating their clean-up-after-yourpet policy. Offenders are hit with a $90 fine and the cost of


THE University of Missouri is honoring its resident Nobel

Prize winner, George Smith, with a dedicated spot in a bicycle rack! The 77-year-old chemist is delighted since he’s “not a good driver.”

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