BIGMOUTH British talk host Piers Morgan hasn’t changed since he was booted off CNN and American TV for being an insufferab­le, boring twit.

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Morning Britain, the snooty know-it-all blasted James Bond hunk Daniel Craig for not being manly — because the 007 star has been toting around his new baby daughter in a chest carrier.

“Oh 007 … not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculate­dBond!” he tweeted.

This comes from an arrogant wimp who couldn’t keep the hosting gig scrawny Larry King had no problem holding down for 25 years!

Piers got the job in 2011 and was axed just three years later as a ratings bomb.

While he liked to bait and clash with guests, viewers couldn’t put up with his nauseating know-it-all attitude — looking down his nose at guests who were much smarter and more successful than he was.

Naturally, his jab at James Bond star Craig triggered outrage — and disgust.

Lucifer star Tom Ellis gave Piers hell, tweeting: “A man carrying their child in an intimate nurturing way is basic dad behavior.”

But it was Hollywood’s ultra-macho Captain America,

Chris Evans, who really nailed

snooty Piers for the insecure,

frightened little worm he is.

“You really have to be so

uncertain of your own masculinit­y to concern yourself with how another man carries his child,” notes Chris. “Any man who wastes time quantifyin­g masculinit­y is terrified on the inside.”

Obviously, Craig is a real man, who’s not afraid to show his love for his daughter in public.

As for Piers, he once again showed why he couldn’t hold down a gig at CNN.

He’s a boring twerp who makes viewers sick to their stomachs.

 ??  ?? Snobby Piers slammed Bond star Daniel Craig’sparenting style
Snobby Piers slammed Bond star Daniel Craig’sparenting style

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