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PRINCE CHARLES re­ally is squir­relly!

The 70-year-old Bri­tish royal’s num­ber one son, Prince Wil­liam, re­veals his wacky pops is “ob­sessed” with the en­dan­gered red squirrels on his Scot­tish es­tate, Birkhall.

“He is com­pletely in­fat­u­ated by the red squirrels — to the ex­tent that he’s given them names and is al­low­ing them into the house!” Wil­liam re­veals.

Nutty na­ture lover

Charles is a pa­tron of the Red Squir­rel Sur­vival Trust, which seeks to save the ro­dents from ex­tinc­tion. The reds are be­ing threat­ened by ag­gres­sive gray squirrels im­ported from Amer­ica

about 200 years ago, which now out­num­ber the na­tive species by a 15-to-1 mar­gin. Bri­tain’s fu­ture king gushes the red ras­cals are “in­cred­i­bly spe­cial crea­tures.

They come into the house at Birkhall and we get them chas­ing each other round and round in­side.

“If I sit there qui­etly, they will do so around me.

“Some­times, when I leave my jack­ets on a chair with nuts in the pock­ets, I see them with their tails stick­ing out, as they hunt for nuts.

“These crea­tures, they re­ally do make me laugh. My great am­bi­tion is to have one sit­ting on the break­fast ta­ble — and on my shoul­der!”

The 70-year-old royal is mad about the cute crit­ters on his Scot­tish es­tate

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