5 gun­men made sure pres­i­dent wouldn’t leave Dal­las alive


LEE HAR­VEY OSWALD was a patsy in a rogue CIA plot to mur­der John F. Kennedy — four other gun­men caught the pres­i­dent in a deadly cross­fire as his mo­tor­cade rolled through Dal­las’ Dealey Plaza 55 years ago and made a clean es­cape while cops hunted the trou­bled ex-Ma­rine!

That’s the bomb­shell con­clu­sion of GLOBE’s ex­plo­sive spe­cial in­ves­ti­ga­tion into the Nov. 22, 1963, tragedy that un­cov­ered chill­ing never-be­for­e­seen pho­tos of the death squad — AND — iden­ti­fies pro­fes­sional French as­sas­sin Lu­cien Sarti as the leader of the hit team that took out JFK!

Amaz­ingly, GLOBE’s probe also ex­poses Water­gate spook E. Howard Hunt’s shock­ing deathbed con­fes­sion. Just be­fore his 2007 death in Mi­ami, Fla., the CIA op­er­a­tive re­vealed he was in­volved in the JFK mur­der con­spir­acy — and fin­gered Kennedy’s vice pres­i­dent, Lyn­don Baines John­son, as the man who or­dered the mur­der and then di­rected re­cently re­tired CIA boss Allen Dulles to cover up the crime by rig­ging the War­ren Com­mis­sion!

Of­fi­cially, the War­ren Com­mis­sion re­ported Oswald was a crazed “lone wolf” gun­man who fired three shots from his un­wieldy bolt-ac­tion Car­cano

M91/38 ri­fle — in just 8.3 sec­onds — and made a near-im­pos­si­ble shot to hit Amer­ica’s com­man­der-in-chief.

But pho­to­graphic an­a­lyst Leroy Blevins Sr., au­thor of JFK As­sas­si­na­tion Ev­i­dence of Other Gun­men, re­veals Oswald — sta­tioned on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book De­pos­i­tory — was the weak link in a five-mem­ber hit team. Oswald and the four other gun­men trapped the pres­i­dent in a deadly tri­an­gle of fire — blast­ing an as­ton­ish­ing 13 shots in just 15 sec­onds, Blevins says. The shots came so quickly, the sounds merged to­gether — and eye­wit­nesses tes­ti­fied to hear­ing just three!

Blevins says nine shots rang out from the Dal­las County Records build­ing, and two more came from a shel­ter on the no­to­ri­ous grassy knoll along the mo­tor­cade route.

Two hit­men were in­side the grassy

knoll shel­ter and two more hid at the records build­ing.

Af­ter ex­am­in­ing pho­tos snapped dur­ing the as­sas­si­na­tion, Blevins says: “Gun­man One [is vis­i­ble] look­ing through the top win­dow of the shel­ter with his ri­fle stick­ing out of the lower win­dow. Gun­man Two we see stand­ing in the door­way hold­ing his ri­fle.”

“The sec­ond shot from the grassy knoll made con­tact with the first bul­let — and both ex­ploded in­side Kennedy’s head,” he as­serts.

“The first shot en­tered the back of JFK’s head, but did not exit.

“When the sec­ond shot to JFK from the shel­ter en­tered the right side, both bul­lets ex­ploded in­side JFK’s head.”

A pho­to­graph snapped by wit­ness Mary Moor­man, now 86, re­veals the iden­ti­ties of the sniper team on the knoll, Blevins says.

He is also con­vinced the killers were the three clean-shaven “tramps” pho­tographed be­ing ar­rested near the book de­pos­i­tory min­utes af­ter the JFK shoot­ing — while Dal­las cops chased Oswald, who was later cap­tured.

Blevins says flashes of light and sus­pi­cious shad­ows in pho­tos also re­veal a two-man sniper team at the Dal­las County Records build­ing — with one gun­man on the roof and an­other at a sec­ond-floor win­dow.

He claims the “first tramp” fired a Mauser ri­fle from the knoll while other hit­men used a M1 .30-cal­iber car­bine, a M1 Spring­field ri­fle and 6.5 Ital­ian car­bine Car­cano ri­fles.

CIA of­fi­cer Hunt, who served 33 months for his role in the Water­gate break-in, has been named by other in­ves­ti­ga­tors as one of the sus­pi­cious tramps. Anal­y­sis of their ar­rest pho­tos ap­pears to show the im­print of ri­fle stocks on their shirts — where a weapon would be cra­dled on the shoul­der be­fore fir­ing!

But Hunt in­sisted he “did not have a di­rect role” in the mur-

der — though he knew in­side de­tails of the con­spir­acy! As he was dy­ing from pneu­mo­nia, Hunt re­vealed to his son Saint John the names of those be­hind the as­sas­si­na­tion — and in­cluded him­self!

Hunt scrib­bled on two sheets of pa­per that LBJ had Kennedy killed!

Other plot­ters in­cluded CIA agent Cord Meyer, whose exwife Mary was mys­te­ri­ously mur­dered af­ter an af­fair with JFK, David Atlee Phillips, the CIA’s Cuban op­er­a­tions chief in Mi­ami, Cuban ex­ile An­to­nio Ve­ciana, and Water­gate con­spir­a­tor Frank Stur­gis, sup­pos­edly one of the three tramps at Dealey.

“Cord Meyer dis­cusses a plot with Phillips who brings in Har­vey and An­to­nio Ve­ciana. He meets with Oswald in Mex­ico City. Ve­ciana meets with Frank Stur­gis in Mi­ami and en­lists David Mo­rales,” Saint John says his fa­ther wrote.

Hunt told his son he met Mo­rales and Stur­gis in a Mi­ami ho­tel room in 1963. Stur­gis refers to a plot as the “Big Event” and

asks Hunt, “Are you with us?”

Asked what he means, Stur­gis tells him: “Killing JFK.”

But Hunt in­sisted he re­fused to join the con­spir­acy di­rectly, telling Stur­gis he won’t “get in­volved in any­thing in­volv­ing Bill Har­vey, who is an al­co­holic psycho.” How­ever, Hunt kept mum and let the mur­der un­fold, when he could’ve

pre­vented the tragedy that stunned Amer­ica. He also iden­ti­fied Sarti as the leader of the JFK kill team.

“Oswald was set up from the very be­gin­ning,” a U.S. in­tel­li­gence agency source tells GLOBE. “The con­spir­a­tors sold him out be­fore Kennedy’s limo even reached the hospi­tal and Jack Ruby made sure he’d never talk. It was a win-win for ev­ery­body but the Kennedys.

“LBJ got the power he craved, and the CIA got pay­back for the Bay of Pigs de­ba­cle when Kennedy re­fused help for their pri­vate army try­ing to take out Cas­tro with a poorly planned and ex­e­cuted in­va­sion of Cuba.”

Oswald wasonly one mem­ber of the deadly team in hid­ing around Dealey Plaza in 1963 that opened fire on JFK’smo­tor­cade

CIA spook E. Howard Hunt made a deathbed con­fes­sion, say­ing LBJ or­dered Kennedy killed — and im­pli­cated Oswald and Sarti, who Hunt said was the leader of the thugs

A squad of hit­men set their sights on John F. Kennedy as pay­back for the Bay of Pigs

Pho­to­graphic an­a­lyst Leroy Blevins Sr. says Oswald was at the book de­pos­i­tory but other killers were at a govern­ment build­ing and gun­men 4 & 5 were at the grassy knoll

CIA op­er­a­tive E. Howard Hunt spilled the beans

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