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PRINCE WIL­LIAM’S wife, Kate, won’t let her up­start Amer­i­can sis­ter-in-law, Meghan, steal her thun­der, ac­cord­ing to palace in­sid­ers, who’ve ticked off ten rea­sons why the Duchess of Cam­bridge doesn’t trust Prince Harry’s brash bride!

1. Meghan’s not Bri­tish, mak­ing her a to­tal out­sider.

2. She’s a di­vor­cée, hav­ing al­ready failed at mar­riage.

3. Her past as an ac­tress makes it easy to be a two-faced liar!

4. Be­sot­ted Harry wed her af­ter less than two years’ courtship.

5. The so­cial climber has a his­tory of be­friend­ing in­flu­en­tial peo­ple.

6. Her at­ten­tion-hog an­tics are un­seemly for a royal wife.

7. She’s crude and un­schooled in palace pro­to­cols.

8. Her fam­ily’s non­stop an­tics re­mind ev­ery­one she’s a lowly com­moner.

9. Her in­stant pop­u­lar­ity has gone to her head.

10. She’s yet to prove her­self wor­thy of her royal ti­tle.

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