FRENCH physi­cian Michel de Nostredame – or Nostradamus – was the great­est psy­chic who ever lived, proven to have pre­dicted world-shak­ing events that would oc­cur more than 500 years af­ter his death.

Writ­ten in old French and pub­lished in 1555, his book Les Propheties con­tained 942 po­etic qua­trains that fore­cast the fu­ture, in­clud­ing the rise of Hitler, the atomic bomb, the as­sas­si­na­tions of John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby, and the moon land­ing.

Amaz­ingly, one mind­bog­gling verse — “Two steel birds will fall from the sky on the Metropo­lis … the sky will burn” — fore­told the 9/11 ter­ror at­tack that brought down the twin tow­ers of New York City’s World Trade Cen­ter!

Here are Nostradamus’ star­tling dooms­day pre­dic­tions for 2019:

1. A comet will blot out the sun for two months in the spring, trig­ger­ing a world­wide famine.

2. Hur­ri­canes will slam the land­locked states of Ken­tucky, Ten­nessee and Ok­la­homa.

3. Pope Fran­cis will fall deathly ill and re­tire.

4. Li­ons driven off a game pre­serve by tro­phy hun­ters will eat an en­tire African vil­lage in March.

5. Queen El­iz­a­beth will pass away two months af­ter turn­ing 93 in April.

6. War will ex­plode be­tween North and South Korea — but Amer­ica will make the peace.

7. More dev­as­tat­ing wild­fires will sweep Cal­i­for­nia — and wipe Hol­ly­wood off the map.

8. A Chicago tor­nado will top­ple the old 1,453-foot Sears Tower.

9. ISIS ter­ror bombs will rip through San Fran­cisco.

10. An an­cient virus will es­cape thaw­ing ice in Antarc­tica — pro­vid­ing the cure for can­cer.

11. A huge river of mud trig­gered by a non­stop, month­long rain will bury half the homes along the Mis­sis­sippi.

12. At­lantis will be dis­cov­ered two miles be­low the sur­face of the Pa­cific Ocean.

13. An autis­tic boy’s find­ings will crash global stock mar­kets in May.

14. Five van­ished peo­ple dressed in 200-year-old cloth-

ing will be found wan­der­ing in a French field fol­low­ing a UFO sight­ing.

15. A mirac­u­lous cure for heart dis­ease will be re­vealed in a 2,000-year-old scroll in a Rome li­brary.

16. Half of the world’s re­main­ing ele­phants will be erad­i­cated by ivory poach­ers.

17. Sci­en­tists will find proof aliens built the great pyra­mids.

18. An oil spill will dev­as­tate half the western coast of Africa.

19. The world’s largest di­a­mond — weigh­ing four and a half pounds — will be un­earthed in Arkansas.

20. A new brain implant will al­low dogs and cats to talk.

21. Stat­ues of saints will be­gin cry­ing real tears — and bleed­ing real blood — in June.

22. Red army ants in the Brazil­ian jun­gles will be dis­cov­ered us­ing fire and tools!

23. Fly­ing cars will hit the mar­ket in June.

24. Ar­chae­ol­o­gists will find the re­mains of Noah’s Ark on North Dakota’s White Butte.

25. A Prince­ton pro­fes­sor will cre­ate a suc­cess­ful time ma­chine.

26. Saudi Ara­bia will be­gin build­ing a float­ing city in July.

27. Je­sus’ crypt and re­mains of his cross will be un­earthed dur­ing street re­pair in Jerusalem.

28. A small me­teor will hit Den­ver and level half the city.

29. A golden-haired child will be­come the cen­ter of a new re­li­gion.

30. Texas will split into five states.

31. The Boul­der Dam will burst, killing thou­sands.

32. In­tel­li­gent life will be dis­cov­ered on Mars in Au­gust.

33. A faulty toaster will burn down the White House.

34. Break­through drugs will ex­tend hu­man life to 120 years.

35. Wa­ter will be turned into wine by a mys­te­ri­ous man in France.

36. A new power source will be dis­cov­ered in the Mar­i­ana Trench.

37. Foot­ball will be out­lawed for be­ing too vi­o­lent.

38. Di­nosaurs will be cloned at a real-life Juras­sic Park.

39. A rogue Chi­nese ad­mi­ral will in­vade Tai­wan in Septem­ber.

40. The In­ter­na­tional Space Sta­tion will ex­plode.

41. Zom­bies will rise in Bul­garia af­ter a med­i­cal experiment goes wrong.

42. Pres­i­dent Franklin De­lano Roo­sevelt’s face will be added to Mount Rush­more.

43. Sci­en­tists will in­vent a work­ing air gui­tar.

44. A ter­ri­ble fun­gus will wipe out Amer­ica’s corn crop, cre­at­ing hunger and panic.

45. Three kids will find the fabled Lost Dutch­man’s Mine out­side Phoenix in Oc­to­ber.

46. Cops in Detroit will test a su­per gun that uses lasers.

47. Stem cell in­jec­tions will cure paral­y­sis.

48. A sil­ver-tongued dic­ta­tor will cre­ate a Euro­pean em­pire.

49. The globe will be brought to the brink of World War III in Novem­ber when a botched Ira­nian nu­clear mis­sile test oblit­er­ates Mu­nich, Ger­many.

50. Peo­ple will mys­te­ri­ously van­ish, trig­ger­ing talk the end time has be­gun.

The pope will be­come ill and re­tire Li­ons will eat an en­tire vil­lage Ter­ror­ists will bomb a West Coast metropo­lis

A me­teor will crash in a ma­jor U.S. city Un­end­ing rain will bring dev­as­tat­ing mud­slides Cal­i­for­nia wild­fires will re­turn — and de­stroy Hol­ly­wood Half the world’s ele­phants will die at the hands of ivory poach­ers

The 16th-cen­tury seer’s eerie pre­dic­tions have come true

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