MORE than five decades after Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was murdered, a conspiracy to frame convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan has been uncovered — with a second shooter firing the kill shot while setting him up as a patsy!

Dozens of eyewitness­es claim to have spotted a “girl in a polka dot dress” fleeing the scene moments after RFK was gunned down on June 5, 1968, at Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel. Now an exhaustive GLOBE investigat­ion has identified the second shooter as Patricia “Elayn” Neal — whose ex-husband believes she was part of a “coup” to keep President John F. Kennedy’s brother out of the White House!

“I believe she was not only at the scene, but part of a coup,” her ex-husband tells GLOBE in an exclusive interview. “All signs circle back to her — I believe she pulled the trigger and I don’t trust for a second that she acted alone!”

Government informants, who asked GLOBE to protect their identities, insist RFK was killed after winning California’s Democratic presidenti­al primary because he was a threat to arms dealers making millions on the Vietnam War and their co-conspirato­rs in the nation’s intelligen­ce community.

Kennedy was hit with three bullets — including a fatal head wound. Five other people were also injured. The official autopsy report concludes RFK was shot from behind at point-blank range.

Sirhan’s .22-caliber revolver held only eight rounds, but witnesses reported hearing at least 13 shots and there were four bullet holes in a wall and a doorframe in front of Sirhan! Amazingly, police photos of the crime scene showing the bullet-riddled wall were mysterious­ly destroyed after Sirhan’s murder trial.

Sirhan continues to insist he was framed for RFK’s assassinat­ion — and at a 2011 parole hearing, he claimed to have met “the polka dot girl” at the hotel shortly before the assassinat­ion and fixed coffee for her in a pantry area.

Adding credence to Sirhan’s statement, Neal’s ex-husband tells GLOBE: “Patti said she was getting coffee that day and she could ‘smell the gun powder.’”

RFK’s son Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently met with Sirhan at the California prison where he’s serving a life sentence — and said he believes Sirhan did not kill his father and a second gunman was involved!

Paul H. Schrade — who stood directly behind RFK and was hit with bullets fired by the assassin — also tells GLOBE he’s convinced there was another gunman and Sirhan was a pawn!

“It’s clear based upon the prosecutio­n’s own evidence that Bobby Kennedy was shot three times by a second gunman,” says Schrade, 94. “Sirhan was never in a position to shoot him in the back and they knew that!”

According to the book The Assassinat­ion of Robert F. Kennedy, a total of 25 witnesses saw a woman in a polka dot dress. Thirteen saw her with Sirhan.

One witness, Sandy Serrano, then 20, said she saw a woman in a polka dot dress run past her on a hotel stairwell with a young man and heard the woman say: “We’ve shot him,” according to the book.

And every year, on the anniversar­y of the assassinat­ion, Neal — who died of alcoholism in Texas at the age of 63 in 2012 — put on the polka dot dress, according to the book.

Authoritie­s were made aware of the mystery woman after local journalist Fernando Faura took his findings to the FBI and LAPD.

Faura reportedly met businessma­n John Fahey — who informed him he’d dropped the mystery woman off at the Ambassador.

Authoritie­s barred Faura from writing about his findings — slapping him with a court order and confiscati­ng an audio recording of an interview with Fahey.

Investigat­ors were allegedly worried Faura’s report would give credibilit­y to an RFK campaign staffer who also witnessed the mystery woman fleeing the scene immediatel­y after the shooting.

Famed pathologis­t Dr. Cyril Wecht, a member of the Truth and Reconcilia­tion Committee — a blue-ribbon panel pushing for the government to reopen investigat­ions into the assassinat­ions of RFK, JFK and Martin Luther King Jr. — says authoritie­s should have tracked down and interviewe­d the mystery woman.

“Investigat­ors had this informatio­n from the very beginning about this woman in a polka dot dress running out saying: ‘We did it,’” Wecht tells GLOBE.

“I would hope that as part of the reinvestig­ation the polka dot lady would be one aspect of the RFK assassinat­ion that will be looked into.”

 ??  ?? Mortally wounded Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, 42, is comforted by a hotel busboy after being struck by
three bullets
Mortally wounded Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, 42, is comforted by a hotel busboy after being struck by three bullets
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Witnesses saw a woman in the distinctiv­e frock fleeing scene and the former husband of Neal (circled) says his killer ex didn’t
act alone!
Witnesses saw a woman in the distinctiv­e frock fleeing scene and the former husband of Neal (circled) says his killer ex didn’t act alone!
 ??  ?? Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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