Handwritte­n papers stashed in cabinet & sofa creating chaos


THE bareknuckl­e brawl over Aretha Franklin’s fortune has gotten even uglier as three different wills have been discovered!

After the Queen of Soul’s death from pancreatic cancer on Aug. 16, lawyers and relatives reported the 76-year-old Respect singer left no instructio­ns on how to divvy up her $80 million fortune. But since then, multiple handwritte­n documents have emerged — though their legality is in limbo!

Two wills dated 2010 were found in a locked cabinet after a key was located, while yet another from 2014 turned up — scrawled on four pages of a spiral notebook shoved under a couch cushion in Aretha’s former

home, says estate attorney David Bennett.

The bombshell findings come nearly five months after Michigan cops revealed their ongoing investigat­ion into treasures and loot that went missing from Aretha’s Bloomfield Township home before and after her passing.

As GLOBE reported, Police Chief Scott A. McCanham said authoritie­s were probing a case of “financial fraud.”

What’s more, 2018 court documents reveal the IRS demanded $6.3 million in back taxes from the Chain of Fools legend — with at least $3 million having since been paid, according to the estate.

In addition, Aretha’s sons — Clarence, 64, Edward, 62, Ted White Jr., 55, and Kecalf Cunningham, 49 — have all made claims for the remaining pieces of the pie, according to official filings.

Bennett says he’s informed the star’s kids about the newly unearthed documents — though two of the men reportedly denied their validity, and a court hearing has been scheduled to determine if any of the wills are legal!

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