Has-been Hilton can’t afford to trash Lindsay


SPOILED brat Paris

Hilton has triggered a new round in her simmering feud with train-wreck actress Lindsay Lohan by ridiculing the former Disney starlet on a talk show — calling her “lame” and “embarrassi­ng.”

We’ve got news for pea-brain Paris — those words easily describe YOU, too!

Don’t get us wrong. Lindsay is no role model. After strong acting work in Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap, she wrecked a looming movie career with her hard partying, boozing and drugging ten years ago.

She’d get so blasted, she became a sloppy, falling-down drunk. After stints in rehab and a couple of weeks in jail over a DUI bust, she has seemingly bounced back, opening a nightclub and beach resort in Greece and landing a reality show on MTV, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

Last September, her comeback was marred by a bizarre filmed encounter with a homeless Syrian refugee family.

Ditzy Lindsay weirdly tried to lure the couple’s kids away, claiming the parents were traffickin­g their children — which wasn’t true.

But Paris has no room to talk. Her only talent was being

born rich — an heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune.

Like her no-talent pal Kim Kardashian, she starred in a boring sex tape.

She tried her hand at reality shows, acting and singing — and tanked at them all.

At one point, photos and stories of her appeared daily in the media.

Now, she’s a has-been scraping by in the public eye as a deejay of all things.

Apparently, she’s slamming Lindsay as part of a plan to reclaim the spotlight.

We say, if Paris is smart — which she’s not — she’ll slither back into the Gucci hole she first crawled out of!

 ??  ?? Lohan (left) has had problems, but spoiled talent-free Hilton is no one to criticize her
Lohan (left) has had problems, but spoiled talent-free Hilton is no one to criticize her

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