Elvis’ only child knocks on death’s door after gaining 125 lbs. in two years


LONELY and troubled, Lisa Marie Presley has ballooned to more than 200 pounds in just two years by wolfing down mountains of junk food, leaving a medical expert warning she’s at risk for killer diseases.

The 51-year-old, who claims she’s beat her past cocaine and pill-popping demons, is a petite five-foot-three, but renowned Washington, D.C., area weight loss expert Dr. Gabe Mirkin believes she’s now smashing the scales at a whopping 230 pounds and has gained more than 125 pounds in just two years!

“She’s doubled her weight, at least,” says New York based Dr. Stuart Fischer, author of the Park Avenue Diet. “She looks like her father Elvis in his heavier photos.”

Drug addict Elvis exploded to more than 350 pounds by devouring cheeseburg­ers and fried peanut butter sandwiches. Now his unhappy daughter is consuming an estimated 10,000 calories a day on fattening cheesecake­s and takeout chow, sources say.

Bariatric surgeon and obesity specialist Dr. Joseph Naim says at “her weight, she is at risk for a whole host of lifethreat­ening medical problems, like diabetes, hypertensi­on, sleep apnea and lower extremity arthritis, in addition to a higher chance of cancer.”

Sources say the four-times

wed mom of four binges on food for comfort after being deserted by almost everyone she loves and battling drug issues in rehab in the past two years.

Her ongoing bitter divorce from fourth husband Michael Lockwood, who is fighting for custody of their 10-year-old twin daughters, Harper and Finley, also drove a wedge between her and her mother, Priscilla, 74, insiders say.

And as GLOBE previously reported, Lisa Marie, who’s been seen waddling out of L.A. health food stores, has mostly blown through the billion-dollar fortune she inherited from her dad, who died in 1977.

“Lisa Marie sucks down a week’s worth of calories in one day when she’s feeling down,” dishes a source. “She thinks nothing of starting off with a fastfood breakfast, like McDonald’s.

“For lunch she’s been known to send her flunky to Taco Bell for bags of food.”

She tops it off with a dessert of “family-size cheesecake — all to herself,” the source adds.

Her eating is tied to her yoyoing mood swings, which make her go “through phases of foods,” says an insider.

“Sometimes she will only eat sushi for days. But she craves cheesecake all the time.

“Lisa Marie is hyper-emotional because she has absolutely no one around her except her personal assistant. They scream and fight all the time.”

Elvis’ only child, who claims she is now clean, has a history of abusing prescripti­on pills as her dad did. Docs say that can significan­tly weaken her heart.

The sometime-singer has previously been known to take Vicodin and gabapentin, an anticonvul­sant known to trigger weight gain, say sources.

Celebrity nutritioni­st Fred Pescatore says it’s not uncommon for someone to gain lots of weight on antidepres­sants, “but with Lisa Marie, I suspect there is more going on here. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is having hormone issues, whether she is menopausal, which also leads to weight gain, or in premature menopause from some of the drugs she’s taken.”

Sadly, Lisa Marie is haunted by her dad’s tragic legacy. She adds to her misery by frequently playing his heartbreak­ing hit Are You Lonesome Tonight, the source dishes.

Adds the source, “At times, she cries out for Elvis in her sleep like a little girl would. It’s like mentally she never progressed from the day he died.” The doctors quoted in this article have not treated Lisa Marie Presley.

Compulsive eater will devour entire cheesecake in just one sitting! -pals

 ??  ?? Lisa Marie with 10-year-old twins, Finley and Harper, her children with fourth husband Michael Lockwood
Lisa Marie with 10-year-old twins, Finley and Harper, her children with fourth husband Michael Lockwood
 ??  ?? Sadly, Elvis’ craving for fried peanut
butter sandwiches led to his obesity
Sadly, Elvis’ craving for fried peanut butter sandwiches led to his obesity

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