William & Harry’s mom exhumed again to solve 23-year murder mystery


PRINCES WILLIAM and Harry have secretly arranged for the body of their late mom, Princess Diana, to be exhumed for a second time and subjected to another autopsy in a desperate last-ditch bid to learn the truth about her death in Paris 23 years ago, palace sources say.

Diana’s resting place at the Spencer family’s ancestral home, Althorp, is being opened on the princes’ order, say palace courtiers, who insist the brothers suspect her Aug.

31, 1997, death may have been a murder ordered by the same people who forced Harry’s wife, Meghan, to flee Britain.

“Harry fears his whole family has been lying to him about his mother’s death for 23 years,” says a royal insider.

“There are still so many unanswered questions. He’s convinced there’s been a massive cover-up — and Diana was

murdered on the orders of a vicious palace faction.

“He is seething with anger and determined to bring the conspirato­rs to justice.

“William is worried his wife, Kate, may be in danger, too!”

But their father, Prince Charles, is ferociousl­y against a new autopsy and another investigat­ion into his 36-year-old ex-wife’s death after a terrible crash in a Paris tunnel, according to sources.

The Prince of Wales is applying pres-sure on both his boys, sources say. He’s threatenin­g to withhold a $360,000 yearly allowance Harry and Meghan desperatel­y need for their new life in America and telling William he needs to protect the monarchy, the insider says.

“The last thing the royals want is to reopen the case of Diana’s death, and they’re blaming Meghan for pushing Harry for a new investigat­ion,” says the insider.

“But Harry doesn’t care. He’s already quit his royal duties and turned his back on his relatives. He just wants to know the truth about his mother’s death — no matter who it hurts — and so does William.”

Holed up in TV mogul Tyler Perry’s $18 million Hollywood hideaway with Meghan, 39, and their

15-month-old son, Archie, since leaving the United Kingdom in March, Harry hit an emotional rock bottom as the anniversar­y of his mother’s death loomed, claims the insider.

“He’s tortured by the belief she didn’t die by accident,” the insider adds, “but was murdered! He wants to expose the truth now so he and his brother can move on.”

Harry was 13 when Diana perished after her limo crashed in a Paris tunnel. Her Muslim beau, Dodi Fayed, and limo driver Henri Paul also died in the wreck.

Initially, Charles convinced Harry and William to accept the official story that the crash was caused by the limo’s drunk driver, dishes a royal source.

“But the young princes’ nagging suspicion their mother was targeted for death grew after a series of reports indicated Diana was murdered.

“They had her exhumed about five years ago. They blamed their father, but the autopsy was inconclusi­ve. Harry grew worried the palace’s men in gray suits had his wife in their sights. They made Meghan’s life so miserable, she was forced out — just like his mom,” the source says. “He knows in the months before her death, Diana told friends Charles was arranging for her to die in an auto wreck.

“And he’s never forgotten hearing that Queen Elizabeth blurted, ‘Someone must have fixed the brakes!’ when she first heard about the crash.

“Harry just wants the truth — and a new autopsy is the only way to get it.”

Sources say the 35-year-old prince and his big brother are determined to investigat­e explosive theories about Diana’s death, including:

Talk Charles ordered his ex-wife’s assassinat­ion by rogue MI5 spies because she was pregnant with a Muslim’s child, which would humiliate the crown.

Evidence suggesting a British agent posing as a French paramedic injected injured Diana with an undetectab­le succinylch­oline chloride kill shot that stopped her heart.

“Harry and William have been told a new autopsy — with testing not available in 1997 — could reveal traces of the deadly drug that would still be in the body,” says the source.

“It would also reveal if Diana was pregnant when she died.

“The princes are convinced the old palace guard wanted Diana terminated because she was more popular than any of the other royals — even after her divorce from Charles. And that could not be tolerated!”

William also believes the same sinister cabal behind his mom’s death and Meghan’s shoddy treatment could go after his wife if he doesn’t toe the line, the insider says.

“Harry’s started a new life with his wife and son thousands of miles from Buckingham Palace, but he can’t rest until he discovers the truth about Diana — even if it destroys the monarchy! William agrees — and in this, at least, the brothers are united!”

 ??  ?? The late princess was exhumed once before, insiders spill
Prince Charles
The late princess was exhumed once before, insiders spill Prince Charles
 ??  ?? William and Harry
agree another autopsy should be conducted on their
William and Harry agree another autopsy should be conducted on their mother
 ??  ?? Princess Diana and lover Dodi Fayed (below) died after a horrific car crash in a Paris tunnel on Aug. 31, 1997
Princess Diana and lover Dodi Fayed (below) died after a horrific car crash in a Paris tunnel on Aug. 31, 1997

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