Wil­liam & Harry’s mom ex­humed again to solve 23-year mur­der mys­tery

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PRINCES WIL­LIAM and Harry have se­cretly ar­ranged for the body of their late mom, Princess Diana, to be ex­humed for a sec­ond time and sub­jected to an­other au­topsy in a des­per­ate last-ditch bid to learn the truth about her death in Paris 23 years ago, palace sources say.

Diana’s rest­ing place at the Spencer fam­ily’s ances­tral home, Althorp, is be­ing opened on the princes’ or­der, say palace courtiers, who in­sist the brothers sus­pect her Aug.

31, 1997, death may have been a mur­der or­dered by the same peo­ple who forced Harry’s wife, Meghan, to flee Bri­tain.

“Harry fears his whole fam­ily has been ly­ing to him about his mother’s death for 23 years,” says a royal in­sider.

“There are still so many unan­swered ques­tions. He’s con­vinced there’s been a mas­sive cover-up — and Diana was

mur­dered on the or­ders of a vi­cious palace fac­tion.

“He is seething with anger and de­ter­mined to bring the con­spir­a­tors to jus­tice.

“Wil­liam is wor­ried his wife, Kate, may be in dan­ger, too!”

But their fa­ther, Prince Charles, is fe­ro­ciously against a new au­topsy and an­other in­ves­ti­ga­tion into his 36-year-old ex-wife’s death af­ter a ter­ri­ble crash in a Paris tun­nel, ac­cord­ing to sources.

The Prince of Wales is ap­ply­ing pres-sure on both his boys, sources say. He’s threat­en­ing to with­hold a $360,000 yearly al­lowance Harry and Meghan des­per­ately need for their new life in Amer­ica and telling Wil­liam he needs to pro­tect the monar­chy, the in­sider says.

“The last thing the roy­als want is to re­open the case of Diana’s death, and they’re blam­ing Meghan for push­ing Harry for a new in­ves­ti­ga­tion,” says the in­sider.

“But Harry doesn’t care. He’s al­ready quit his royal du­ties and turned his back on his rel­a­tives. He just wants to know the truth about his mother’s death — no mat­ter who it hurts — and so does Wil­liam.”

Holed up in TV mogul Tyler Perry’s $18 mil­lion Hollywood hideaway with Meghan, 39, and their

15-month-old son, Archie, since leav­ing the United King­dom in March, Harry hit an emo­tional rock bot­tom as the an­niver­sary of his mother’s death loomed, claims the in­sider.

“He’s tor­tured by the be­lief she didn’t die by ac­ci­dent,” the in­sider adds, “but was mur­dered! He wants to ex­pose the truth now so he and his brother can move on.”

Harry was 13 when Diana per­ished af­ter her limo crashed in a Paris tun­nel. Her Mus­lim beau, Dodi Fayed, and limo driver Henri Paul also died in the wreck.

Ini­tially, Charles con­vinced Harry and Wil­liam to ac­cept the of­fi­cial story that the crash was caused by the limo’s drunk driver, dishes a royal source.

“But the young princes’ nag­ging sus­pi­cion their mother was tar­geted for death grew af­ter a series of reports in­di­cated Diana was mur­dered.

“They had her ex­humed about five years ago. They blamed their fa­ther, but the au­topsy was in­con­clu­sive. Harry grew wor­ried the palace’s men in gray suits had his wife in their sights. They made Meghan’s life so mis­er­able, she was forced out — just like his mom,” the source says. “He knows in the months be­fore her death, Diana told friends Charles was ar­rang­ing for her to die in an auto wreck.

“And he’s never for­got­ten hear­ing that Queen El­iz­a­beth blurted, ‘Some­one must have fixed the brakes!’ when she first heard about the crash.

“Harry just wants the truth — and a new au­topsy is the only way to get it.”

Sources say the 35-year-old prince and his big brother are de­ter­mined to in­ves­ti­gate ex­plo­sive the­o­ries about Diana’s death, in­clud­ing:

Talk Charles or­dered his ex-wife’s as­sas­si­na­tion by rogue MI5 spies be­cause she was preg­nant with a Mus­lim’s child, which would hu­mil­i­ate the crown.

Ev­i­dence sug­gest­ing a Bri­tish agent pos­ing as a French paramedic in­jected in­jured Diana with an un­de­tectable suc­cinyl­choline chlo­ride kill shot that stopped her heart.

“Harry and Wil­liam have been told a new au­topsy — with test­ing not avail­able in 1997 — could re­veal traces of the deadly drug that would still be in the body,” says the source.

“It would also re­veal if Diana was preg­nant when she died.

“The princes are con­vinced the old palace guard wanted Diana ter­mi­nated be­cause she was more pop­u­lar than any of the other roy­als — even af­ter her di­vorce from Charles. And that could not be tol­er­ated!”

Wil­liam also be­lieves the same sin­is­ter ca­bal be­hind his mom’s death and Meghan’s shoddy treat­ment could go af­ter his wife if he doesn’t toe the line, the in­sider says.

“Harry’s started a new life with his wife and son thou­sands of miles from Buck­ing­ham Palace, but he can’t rest un­til he dis­cov­ers the truth about Diana — even if it destroys the monar­chy! Wil­liam agrees — and in this, at least, the brothers are united!”

 ??  ?? The late princess was ex­humed once be­fore, in­sid­ers spill
Prince Charles
The late princess was ex­humed once be­fore, in­sid­ers spill Prince Charles
 ??  ?? Wil­liam and Harry
agree an­other au­topsy should be con­ducted on their
Wil­liam and Harry agree an­other au­topsy should be con­ducted on their mother
 ??  ?? Princess Diana and lover Dodi Fayed (below) died af­ter a hor­rific car crash in a Paris tun­nel on Aug. 31, 1997
Princess Diana and lover Dodi Fayed (below) died af­ter a hor­rific car crash in a Paris tun­nel on Aug. 31, 1997

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